The Gothic Bar at Home

Let's face it, goths drink an incredible amount of whiskey. You had might as well serve your whiskey well chilled with an attractive, intriguing set of whiskey stones in the glass to amuse your guests. The chilled stones, in place of ice cubes, prevent the drink from becoming watered down.

I don't care for the look of the gold skull, so I'm glad that Z Gallerie's "Mortini" stemware comes in sets of 4 per color. I'd love to have a full set of 12 of these martini glasses with the silver skull.

They also sell a set of similar skull bottle stoppers. (I don't normally need bottle stoppers, as around here, we finish whatever we open!)

Z Gallerie's Poison skull bottle is meant to be used in a decorative display, not to actually serve liquor from.

I also like the look and unusual shape of their Voodoo Potion skull bottle.