Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finger Puppet Books for Goth Babies

These two finger puppet board books are intended for babies under age 16 months. Baby can fiddle with the finger puppet while you're reading the short, simple story to them. Great for autumn and gearing up towards Halloween.

"In the garden, tucked away, Little Spider weaves all day..."

Little Bat spends his time gathering treats.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Steampunk Scrapbooking Papers

Steampunk Spells is an 8x8 paper pad. You get twenty-four sheets with eight designs, three of each design. It depicts a fanciful voyage with hot air balloons.

Here's a matching set of Steampunk Spells stickers. You get the one 12x12 sheet of stickers.

The 6x6 pad contains coordinating background patterned papers, in black, white, sepia, orange, and teal.

Depending on your project, you might want these chipboard tags too.

The last item in the collection is the Steampunk Spells die-cut tags and pockets.

Steampunk Spells scrapbooking supplies are also available on eBay.

Happy crafting!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dark and Sinister Backpacks for Gothic Back to School Shopping

I wanted to make terrible plays on words involving "blackpacks," and "Black-to-ghoul," but I guess I shouldn't!

This Mojo Ouija backpack is sold by Hasbro, interestingly.

Mojo also makes this genuinely frightening Boogeyman backpack.

I'll never get tired of seeing this zombie baby backpack, but it sure doesn't look like it would hold very many textbooks.

This Cthulhu backpack also doesn't look like it would hold many books, but it's so cool.

Ok, this is clever. I haven't seen all that many zombie/Day of the Dead mashups yet. Here's a green zombie backpack that's about guaranteed to gross out the kids walking in the hallway behind your kid.

This sugar skulls backpack is a bit more, erm, cheerful.

But my favorite is this Flower Skull el Dia de Los Muertos backpack.

I really love this cool bat backpack from Cult Appeal. Batpack? Also available on Amazon.

Or here's an amazingly cool batwing backpack.

This hearse backpack is handmade using adorable fabric.

I love the electric green color of this Kreepsville 666 backpack.

This Frankenweenie backpack is really inexpensive!

This Frankenstein backpack is from a UK seller. It's quite unusual - I'm impressed!

Who wouldn't want a Jack Skellington backpack?

Lycia's New Album: Quiet Moments

I am so excited to find out that Lycia released a new album this week! Guess what's going to be on in the background while I work on Dark Side of the Net tonight!

The MP3 album is available on Amazon.

Track listing:

  • 1. Quiet Moments
  • 2. The Visitor
  • 3. Antarctica
  • 4. Greenland
  • 5. Grand Rapids
  • 6. The Pier
  • 7. Spring Trees
  • 8. The Wind Sings
  • 9. Dead Leaves Fall
  • 10. Dead Star, Cold Star
  • 11. The Soil Is Dead

Quiet Moments

The Pier

Dead Leaves Fall


Lycium Music

Lycia official Facebook page

Lycia Announce First Album Since 2002, at Blinded by Sound

Lycia Returns with First New Album Since 2003, at SideLine

Quiet Moments review, at PopMatters

Skull Dial Watches

This black and white skull watch is by Italian company Haurex.

Here's their aluminum skull version. It features tiny crystals decorating the skull.

I wonder if this Nemesis watch could be incorporated into a steampunk costume. It doesn't have visible gears, but I consider that a good thing at this point!

I rather like the modern, clean look of this simple black skull watch.

Oh here's a cool concept: a flip-up skull watch. Flip open the skull head to peer at what time it is. That could either be annoying, or cool. Good for people who have a problem rudely glancing at their watch too often.

Nightmare Before Christmas Mystery Minis

New from Funko for the 2013 Halloween season: Nightmare Before Christmas mystery minis!

The display box holds 24 blind packaged figures. If you buy a whole display box, you're very likely to get duplicate figures.

Also available on Amazon; shipping beginning September 12, 2013.

Figures might include:

  • Jack Skellington
  • Sally
  • The Mayor
  • Oogie Boogie
  • The lake/swamp monster
  • The vampire toy
  • Zero
  • Dr. Finkelstein

Great for Halloween stocking stuffers!

Pullip's Gorgeous Vampire Dolls

"Lilith" is a rare limited edition Byul doll. She wears a lacy beige and white gown, a lacy black overcoat, and a spider necklace. In her hands she holds an impossibly tiny "garnet" cross. Her wig is a shocking shade of teal, and she features golden eyes and the palest milky skin.

"Elisabeth" is a Pullip depicting a vampire queen or countess. She wears an intricate burgundy and black lace trimmed gown, a black veil, and a crown. Her eyes are blood red, and her hair golden. Check out her adorably menacing little fangs!

"Ende" is a DAL doll by Pullip. She is a pouty little vampire, wearing, a brocade red, beige and black gown. Her hair is Claudiaesque in its blonde curliness.

All these lovely vampire ladies surely would appreciate the company of a vampire boyfriend, Here's "Nosferatu," a Taeyang doll by Pullip.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Countess Dracula Barbie

Mattel's Gold Label released this limited edition Barbie on October 4, 2011. She was designed by famous dress designer Bob Mackie.

They only made 3200 of this doll. She wears an intricate gown and showy headpiece, and just a hint of a smirk.

She has cute little fangs and a beauty spot!

Also available on Amazon.

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Countess Dracula Barbie, at Beauty in NYC

Countess Dracula Barbie at Candy Barbie.com

Monday, August 5, 2013

Goth-Friendly Canisters for Kitchen Storage

My kitchen gets a lot of use - I have four kids and throw lots of parties for friends and family. I try to keep my counters clear, but there are just some things I use every single day and can't really quite bring myself to put away in cupboards. So today I'm looking around seeing how I could goth up my kitchen a bit and store things more attractively on my counters.

I'm a sucker for damask, especially black and white, so I'm tempted by these Drake Designs ceramic canisters. They're also available on eBay, where they are a bit pricier.

I initially thought I liked these onyx canisters, but now I think they're a bit too over the top and stuffy.

Can I resist black and white stripes? I love the cute shape of these, too.

Fun Horror-Themed Outfits for Babies and Young Kids

This cracks me up! "Knitmare on Elm Street" comes in toddler sizes. I'm not sure what the kid, cat, and skeleton on the chair with Chinese takeout have to do with each other, though.

The same company, BabyWit, makes this skulls shift dress for infants.

They also sell the skulls shift dress in red, which I think I prefer.

Sweet and Spooky Sugar Skull Dresses

This pretty sugar skull party dress is hand screen printed, and is dry clean only due to the silk satin and organza fabrics used to make it. It's available on Etsy.

This black-and-white sugar skull dress is a contender for my favorite, because it's cotton/washable, black and white, and only $25! Sold on Amazon.

This sugar skull mini dress might be perfect for when you want to add a little touch of Day of the Dead flair to your outfit but not have your entire body encrusted in sugar skulls. Sold on Etsy.

This Hell Bunny sugar skulls prom dress is a bit too rockabilly for my personal taste, but it's definitely cute. Available on Amazon.

It's also available in plus sizes on Amazon.

This sugar skull dress from Banned really appeals to me, due to the halter and neckline shape. It's sold on Amazon and ships from the UK.

Also from Banned, I really like this sugar skull pencil dress. Sold on eBay, and ships from the UK as well.

Bet I'm not the only person here who likes stripes! This Sourpuss sugar skull dress features just one sugar skull face. It's a pinup style dress, sold on Amazon and on eBay.

Living Dead Souls is one of my favorite goth brands. Here's their take on a sugar skull dress.

I really like the idea of red-and-white sugar skull sundresses for summertime. This one is sold on eBay.

This yellow and black Sourpuss dress ships from Australia.