Dark and Sinister Backpacks for Gothic Back to School Shopping

I wanted to make terrible plays on words involving "blackpacks," and "Black-to-ghoul," but I guess I shouldn't!

This Mojo Ouija backpack is sold by Hasbro, interestingly.

Mojo also makes this genuinely frightening Boogeyman backpack.

I'll never get tired of seeing this zombie baby backpack, but it sure doesn't look like it would hold very many textbooks.

This Cthulhu backpack also doesn't look like it would hold many books, but it's so cool.

Ok, this is clever. I haven't seen all that many zombie/Day of the Dead mashups yet. Here's a green zombie backpack that's about guaranteed to gross out the kids walking in the hallway behind your kid.

This sugar skulls backpack is a bit more, erm, cheerful.

But my favorite is this Flower Skull el Dia de Los Muertos backpack.

I really love this cool bat backpack from Cult Appeal. Batpack? Also available on Amazon.

Or here's an amazingly cool batwing backpack.

This hearse backpack is handmade using adorable fabric.

I love the electric green color of this Kreepsville 666 backpack.

This Frankenweenie backpack is really inexpensive!

This Frankenstein backpack is from a UK seller. It's quite unusual - I'm impressed!

Who wouldn't want a Jack Skellington backpack?


  1. These are great especially for the younger babybats who still go to high school like some of my younger friends!

  2. These are excellently spooky for the babybat on the go!


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