Sweet and Spooky Sugar Skull Dresses

This pretty sugar skull party dress is hand screen printed, and is dry clean only due to the silk satin and organza fabrics used to make it. It's available on Etsy.

This black-and-white sugar skull dress is a contender for my favorite, because it's cotton/washable, black and white, and only $25! Sold on Amazon.

This sugar skull mini dress might be perfect for when you want to add a little touch of Day of the Dead flair to your outfit but not have your entire body encrusted in sugar skulls. Sold on Etsy.

This Hell Bunny sugar skulls prom dress is a bit too rockabilly for my personal taste, but it's definitely cute. Available on Amazon.

It's also available in plus sizes on Amazon.

This sugar skull dress from Banned really appeals to me, due to the halter and neckline shape. It's sold on Amazon and ships from the UK.

Also from Banned, I really like this sugar skull pencil dress. Sold on eBay, and ships from the UK as well.

Bet I'm not the only person here who likes stripes! This Sourpuss sugar skull dress features just one sugar skull face. It's a pinup style dress, sold on Amazon and on eBay.

Living Dead Souls is one of my favorite goth brands. Here's their take on a sugar skull dress.

I really like the idea of red-and-white sugar skull sundresses for summertime. This one is sold on eBay.

This yellow and black Sourpuss dress ships from Australia.