Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Costumes for Babies and Infants

Dress your babies as Jack and Sally this Halloweeen in honor of the 20th anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Infant costume comes with a bib and matching hat. Also available on Amazon.

And here's the adorable Jack Skellington infant costume, with Skellington bib and hat. Also sold on Amazon.

For older infants and toddlers, here's the Sally prestige costume. It comes with a headband that has red yarn hair dangling from it. Also sold on Amazon.

This toddler Jack Skellington costume is sold on Amazon.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wicked Baroque Chalkboard for Goth Home Decor

This Baroque chalkboard comes with three bat-shaped magnets. It stands 22 inches high. If one must leave reminder notes for members of one's household (laundry perhaps? Pet meds? Grocery list?) what an elegant way to do it!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gorgeously Illustrated Dark Steampunk Sci-Fi and Horror Classics Books

Steampunk Poe includes "The Raven," "To Helen," "The City in the Sea," "The Fall of the House of Usher," "The Masque of the Red Death," "The Tell-Tale Heart" "The Balloon-Hoax" and other selected classic Poe stories and poems.

The illustrations are by Croatian artist Zdenko Basic.

This Steampunk Mary Shelley's Frankenstein includes the complete text, plus gorgeous illustrations like this one:

He's also created a Steampunk H.G. Wells book.

Victorian Doll Halloween Costume

I like this Victorian doll costume, but not sure why she has a stupid Phantomesque half mask on the side of her face. The costume does come with the parasol, but does not include the boots.

Also available on Amazon.

Unsure if You'll Hate This Steampunk Bat Costume

This Steampunk bat costume features a weird gold satin skirt. I like the bodice and geared wings though. The costume does not include the stockings, gloves or boots.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day of the Dead Goth Dolls

"Monty" is a dressed Day of the Dead/El Dia de Los Muertos one-of-a-kind doll by D.A.E. originals. He wears a sumptuous red morning coat, black vinyl pants and white satin shirt.

Check out the closeup of his intricately painted face!

His companion is Vivian, who wears a black ruffled gothic ball gown. I love her flowery red headpiece!

Her face is also beautifully painted, with painstakingly applied designs.

They're ready to go to the El Dia de Los Muertos ball for calaveritas!

Jack Skellington Goblet

I believe this Jack Skellington Goblet is a 20th anniversary commemorative product. What a lovely way to drink blood red wine while enjoying the movie again in your comfy gothic home.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Jars

This Dr. Finkelstein cookie jar cracks me up! I love that the top of his head opens up just like in the movie.

I love the way Jack and Sally are hugging on this cookie jar!

I'd love to keep this smiling Jack Skellington cookie jar full of Trader Joe's pumpkin-faced Halloween Joe-Joe's cookies. (Also available on Amazon).

Jack leans against a tomb in this black cookie jar. (Also sold on Amazon).

5 Really Cool Steampunk Skulls

This steampunk gear skull is a decorative statue - great for perching on your desk to keep you company at the office.

This skull statue is made from cold cast resin.

This skull is a trinket box that you can use as an ashtray.

This robotic submariner statue stands just 8 inches tall.

This Steampunk skull box shows gears on the top of the skull. It opens to stash your jewelry or small keepsakes.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Anatomy of Steampunk Fashion Book for Autumn 2013

Arriving in late October, "Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism" is by author Katherine Gleason, who has also written a fashion book on Alexander McQueen.

The book is full of achingly beautiful images of steampunk fashion. Some of the designers profiled include Airship Isabella, Belladonna Belleville, Dawnamatrix, Lastwear, Steampunk Emma Goldman, and The Uprising of the Gin Rebellion.

I am so excited to display this book on my coffee table! I'm sure after reading it I am going to find my closet full of perfectly nice gowns, suddenly boring and drab and dingy!

Vintage Book Covers for Goth and Their Macs

I love this idea - cover your Mac laptop or notebook with BookBook's vintage leather book covers. Makes your modern technology fit in better with your gothic home library.

Each BookBook is hand finished, using distressed leather so it looks old. No two BookBooks are alike.

They even make a BookBook cover for the iPhone. This one fits the iPhone 5. It has a little cutout so your camera can still peep out and do its job.


The BookBook case for the iPhone 4 is adorable. It fits in your hand. I love the idea of whipping out a little leather book while you're all gothed up at a coffee house or club, except it's actually your phone!

The iPad BookBook case comes in Vintage Red (shown) or in Vintage Brown.