Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nevermore Jewelry by Alchemy Gothic

In honor of Edgar Allan Poe, Alchemy Gothic created a "Nevermore" line of jewelry. (Note that yesterday was the 169th anniversary of the publication of The Raven!)

This Nevermore pendant features a raven perched atop an ebony cross.

This Nevermore pocketwatch is made of pewter. It features the word "Nevermore" and the Raven is depicted on the front.

The raven on this pendant is more fully detailed.

They also made a pewter skull belt buckle with "nevermore" emblazoned in an ornate cursive script.

Season of the Witch Living Dead Dolls

Even though Halloween 2013 is over, Series 26 of Living Dead dolls are still tempting: Season of the Witch.

The dolls are named Lammas, Beltane, Lamenta, Holle Katrina, and of course Samhain.

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My 10 Favorite Voodoo Vixen Dresses

I love halter dresses. This red and black fan themed halter dress makes me want to throw a summertime evening cocktail party. It's sold by a seller in Australia.

This Voodoo Vixen black and white wiggle dress would be perfect for a goth wedding bridesmaid. It almost looks like a negligee, too! Also available in black and cream, on Amazon.

I never get tired of polka dots!

This red and black Voodoo Vixen floral dress might be nice for a romantigoth to wear on Valentine's Day.

I am quite obsessed with peacocks, so I am squealing over this Voodoo Vixen emerald green peacock dress. I don't look that great in green though, pout.

Here's a sexier take on a Gothic Valentine's Day dress.

Admittedly, some people might find this black retro halter dress too "prom-dressy." But I find it really cute and slightly elegant. I'd wear it to an evening cocktail party or summertime dinner out.

This dark polka dot dress probably would look best on a teenage babybat, not on an eldergoth. I love the way the bust is designed!

This long "Black rose steampunk" dress seems quite out of character for them. I love it!

This retro sailor dress would be perfect for wearing on the Goth Cruise this summer!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Five Current Favorite Folter Dresses

I love the antique perfume bottle print on this dress by Folter. Great for retro goths.

This Folter dress is called "Turn on the Skulls," but seems to feature an ornate chandelier - I don't see any skulls in the zoom in of the print, do you? Anyway, I like the shape of this dress.

This Folter maxidress features an intriguing sugar skull print. I don't think I could pull it off, it's a bit too tattoo-culture for my personal style.

I like this quirky B-movie horror print dress.

This Folter dress is called "Sweet and Scary." It features adorable goth and Halloween style cupcakes.

Lovely yet Horrifying Tom Cruise Lestat Doll

This doll artist is really incredibly talented. It's the choice of subject matter I'm having trouble with. I love the character Lestat, but this doll depicts Tom Cruise so perfectly well, it's almost distressing.

The Lestat doll includes a cape, pants, boots, walking stick, vest and cravat. Just don't look at the price tag.

Bride of Valentine Living Dead Doll

Here's a cute Valentine's gift for the lovely goth lady in your life (along with wine, chocolate and flowers, of course!) Living Dead Dolls' Bride of Valentine. She's from Series 3.

She also comes in a mini doll version.

In 2009 there was a Resurrection variant released of the Bride of Valentine as well, with a more Frankenstein's Monster type face.

Cute Plush Spike and Angel Dolls

This plush Spike doll is a "puppet plush" based on Spike's character from the TV show Angel. He's 21 inches tall.

There's also an Angel puppet, also a limited edition by Smiletime.

Monday, January 13, 2014

What Every Goth Girl Wants for Valentine's Day

This pre-order Plush Lenore comes out on February 11, just in time for Valentine's Day. Eight inches tall, she'd look great tied with a gloomy black ribbon to a bouquet of dead roses.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stunning Black Whitby Jet Jewelry

I've been fascinated lately by Whitby jet - fossilized compressed wood that washes up on the shores near Whitby in England. I've been wondering how many goth visitors to Whitby Goth Weekend wear Whitby jet black jewelry as an homage to the area's history in making mourning jewelry.

Here are some of my favorite pieces I've been tempted by lately:

I love the long unusual shape of these Whitby jet earrings. They almost look Art Deco. I don't like gold though, but I suppose the earring hooks wouldn't show.

I have a feeling if I wore this long Victorian Whitby jet necklace I would end up fiddling with it constantly.

If I could get hair pieces to stay in my hair and not slide out, I would be very tempted by this lovely Whitby Jet hair ornament.

Here's a lovely Whitby jet brooch, but I might feel like an elderly lady if I should start wearing brooches now. I am an eldergoth, but that's taking things perhaps a bit far.

Still, check out this lovely collection of Whitby jet mourning brooches.

This brooch is stunning - or is it just that this eBay seller is a better photographer than all the rest?

This owl brooch looks a bit grumpy. Or should I say sinister?

I was wondering if any Whitby jet cameos were going to show up, and here's a beautiful pair of earrings.

If you're the type of goth who likes to wear crosses, here's a Whitby jet cross necklace.

This is the necklace I'm the most tempted by.

Too bad these unusual drop earrings are way out of my budget.

There are also some nice Whitby Jet pieces on Etsy.

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Sugar Skull Sugar Shaker

Here's what every gourmet goth needs for their kitchen: this Fred & Friends Sweet Spirits sugar shaker.

Perfect for your next somber goth tea party or a romantic El Dia de Los Muertos themed Valentine's gathering.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bat Winged Fairy Tables for Goth Home Decor

New from dark fantasy artists Jasmine Beckett-Griffith and Myka Jelina, fairy themed tables for gothic home decor. Each table has a round glass top that rests on a resin figure.

This table depicts a fairy in a red gown with red bat wings.

A second table shows a gothic fairy by Myka Jelina. She has bat wings and sports some tattoos on her arms.

Another side table by Myka Jelina shows a gothic fairy with purple and white striped stockings.

Red Gothic and Witchy Shoes for a Beautifully Gloomy Valentine's Day

This gorgeous pair of burgundy platform shoes is by Demonia. They're faux velvet described as "satin" and are a Women's size 10.

This pair of lacy black and burgundy Demonia shoes could be perfect for a romantic Goth look. This pair is size seven; there are more sizes here.

These red and black shoes by Demonia are ideal for a gothic burlesque or retro pinup Valentine's Day event.

I can't handle heels this high - over 5 inches tall! - but if you can, here's a pair of velvet pumps.

If you're going for a witchy Valentine's Day look, here's a pair of slender elegant witch heels.

This pair has what is described as coffin heels.

If creepers are more your style, here's a pair of red ones.

This pair of Doc Martens is made of crushed burgundy velvet.

Here's a pair of cherry red crushed velvet Doc Martens, too.

For men, here's a pair of faux alligator burgundy shoes by Pleaser.