My 10 Favorite Voodoo Vixen Dresses

I love halter dresses. This red and black fan themed halter dress makes me want to throw a summertime evening cocktail party. It's sold by a seller in Australia.

This Voodoo Vixen black and white wiggle dress would be perfect for a goth wedding bridesmaid. It almost looks like a negligee, too! Also available in black and cream, on Amazon.

I never get tired of polka dots!

This red and black Voodoo Vixen floral dress might be nice for a romantigoth to wear on Valentine's Day.

I am quite obsessed with peacocks, so I am squealing over this Voodoo Vixen emerald green peacock dress. I don't look that great in green though, pout.

Here's a sexier take on a Gothic Valentine's Day dress.

Admittedly, some people might find this black retro halter dress too "prom-dressy." But I find it really cute and slightly elegant. I'd wear it to an evening cocktail party or summertime dinner out.

This dark polka dot dress probably would look best on a teenage babybat, not on an eldergoth. I love the way the bust is designed!

This long "Black rose steampunk" dress seems quite out of character for them. I love it!

This retro sailor dress would be perfect for wearing on the Goth Cruise this summer!