Stunning Black Whitby Jet Jewelry

I've been fascinated lately by Whitby jet - fossilized compressed wood that washes up on the shores near Whitby in England. I've been wondering how many goth visitors to Whitby Goth Weekend wear Whitby jet black jewelry as an homage to the area's history in making mourning jewelry.

Here are some of my favorite pieces I've been tempted by lately:

I love the long unusual shape of these Whitby jet earrings. They almost look Art Deco. I don't like gold though, but I suppose the earring hooks wouldn't show.

I have a feeling if I wore this long Victorian Whitby jet necklace I would end up fiddling with it constantly.

If I could get hair pieces to stay in my hair and not slide out, I would be very tempted by this lovely Whitby Jet hair ornament.

Here's a lovely Whitby jet brooch, but I might feel like an elderly lady if I should start wearing brooches now. I am an eldergoth, but that's taking things perhaps a bit far.

Still, check out this lovely collection of Whitby jet mourning brooches.

This brooch is stunning - or is it just that this eBay seller is a better photographer than all the rest?

This owl brooch looks a bit grumpy. Or should I say sinister?

I was wondering if any Whitby jet cameos were going to show up, and here's a beautiful pair of earrings.

If you're the type of goth who likes to wear crosses, here's a Whitby jet cross necklace.

This is the necklace I'm the most tempted by.

Too bad these unusual drop earrings are way out of my budget.

There are also some nice Whitby Jet pieces on Etsy.

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