Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Goth, Horror, Alternative and Tattoo Culture Swimsuits for A Dark Summertime Swim

This "Bag of skulls" swimsuit is by Sullen. It features skulls, roses, and crosses.

This blue skulls swimsuit is by Too Fast. It's a two piece. I like the blue flirty ruffles on the rear!

This Too Fast swimsuit features a rib cage and roses.

This dark bikini is by Sullen Angels.

This Too Fast bikini features skeletal hands.

This skeleton one piece swimsuit is by Banned Apparel.

This Banned Apparel swimsuit features skulls and rose vines.

Here's a similar suit but with the addition of the color red.

Amazon sells a variation on this vines swimsuit.

Here's an adorable sugar skull swimsuit by Banned Clothing.

This skull-themed Torrid tankink top has a built-in underwire.

Is this sugar skull swimsuit too colorful for your tastes? It's also available on Amazon.

This sugar skull kitty swimsuit is by Too Fast.

I like the damask look of this skull bikini.

This skull face swimsuit looks suspiciously cheerful. It's also sold on Amazon.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Edward Gorey's Fantod Pack Tarot Cards

The Edward Gorey Fantod Pack isn't actually a Tarot deck. You can use it for divination if you are creative enough, however.

The deck includes twenty cards and a 32 page booklet explaining how one might use them.

You know how sometimes Edward Gorey made up quirky names for himself as the author of books? Such as Ogdred Weary, or in the case of The Recently Deflowered Girl, "Miss Hyacinthe Phypps." For the Fantod pack, he calls himself Madame Groeda Weyrd.

The card titles include:

  • The Ladder,
  • The Child,
  • The Limb,
  • The Yellow Bird,
  • The Stones,
  • The Effigy,
  • The Insects,
  • The Plant,
  • The Waltzing Mouse,
  • The Urn,
  • The Feather,
  • The Bundle,
  • The Sea,
  • The Ecorche,
  • The Bottle,
  • The Burning Head,
  • The Blue Dog,
  • The Ancestor,
  • The Tunnel,
  • Untitled

Visit this Tumblr to see images of the entire deck.

Wouldn't this be a fun diversion at your next gothic soiree or dark dinner party?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Darkly Elegant Vintage and Modern Spider Jewelry

I'm a sucker for anything enameled. Here's a spider brooch that's a reproduction of an 1800s original.

At first glance I thought this was a pocket watch, but it's a spider pendant. It's made with black onyx, gold and diamonds.

I like the sweet simplicity of this Edwardian silver and topaz spider brooch.

These modern spider earrings are totally out of my reach (too expensive), but I like looking at them.

Here's a similar pair of spiderweb earrings, but they're rounder.

This spider necklace is made from petrified wood.

Not everyone will like the blue gem in this spider slave bracelet, but I do.

This is sort of a hot mess! It's a rare Betsey Johnson "Dark Forest Spider Skull" statement necklace.

I really like the look of this black diamond onyx spider necklace. Elegant!

Here's an unusual spider bangle. It features pink tourmaline, diamonds, sterling, and yellow gold.

This cute little fella is a Victorian style engagement wedding bracelet.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stag Beetle Pins, Brooches and Jewelry

It's not likely that any of us reading this blog and gazing upon this gorgeous stag beetle pearl brooch pin could even dream of affording it. But isn't it fun to glance at and drool over?

I didn't know, prior to tonight's housework-avoidant web surfing session, that collecting stag beetle pins was a thing. This one is made from carved, painted celluloid.

This stag beetle is encrusted with rhinestones.

For the steampunk set, here's a brass stag beetle brooch.

With its flailing arms, this stag beetle stick pin looks really creepy!

Day of the Dead Wedding Cake Toppers

The bride in this pair of Day of the Dead cake toppers wears a lovely white gown trimmed with red roses. Her skeletal groom is nicely gotten up in a tuxedo embellished with red bowtie and handkerchief. They seem.. happy.

Here's a similar couple of skeletons, only this time the bride wears an elegant black gown and the dead groom is in white.

For a more playful, cheerful look, try this Mexican Art Couple sugar skull figures cake topper.

This cake topper features two cute little gothic calaveritas.

It's unusual to see skeleton cake toppers facing each other instead of standing side by side.

This Day of the Dead couple is in a more modern, contemporary style.

It's awesome that, in keeping up with the times, someone has already manufactured a Two Grooms Day of the Dead cake topper.

Goth Day of the Dead Fabric from Alexander Henry

These Cartas Marcadas ("Marked Cards") figures represent Mexican loteria (lottery) cards. They're by Alexander Henry fabric company (who also make the stunning Ghastlies fabrics).

The Cartas Marcadas fabric also comes in a black-background version.

This brown version is not quite sepia, but might possibly be worked into a Mexican-inspired Steampunk costume or craft.

Here is the Cartas Marcadas fabric in a pre-cut panel.

This Cartas Marcadas quilt panel isn't quite "black and white." Grey and white maybe?

Here's the design in a festive pink as well.

This fabric is suggested for goth crafts including tote bags, aprons, baby clothes, stuffed dolls, and home decor crafts.

5 Darkly Beautiful Black Goth Rosaries

This black Rosary cross is a one-of-a-kind. It's 18 inches long and made with Black Jasper, Black Howlite, and Jet Black Austrian Crystals.

This black lava rosary ends in a skull. It's made by King Baby Studio.

It's intriguing that this vintage rosary is named "Agony." It includes etched black rose petal wood and sterling.

The "Eternally Haute" rosary reminds me of my favorite late 1980s goth clubs.

Here's a gorgeous, simple, classic reproduction of a Victorian mourning cross. Check out the other lovely jewelry items from the Etsy seller, Fallen Angel Brass.