Dark Side of Travel: Gorgeous Antique Portable Mini Bars

Lately I've been intrigued by antique portable bars. What a great thing to bring along on a road trip (for everyone to enjoy but the driver, of course), a picnic, a rented cabin, or a gentlemen's weekend away. While none of these feature gothic styling, I feel like they could work into an elegant or retro goth's lifestyle quite nicely.

This antique portable bar features Asian accents (is that a dragon or a peacock?) and is lined in red velvet. Looks like it would be heavy to lug around though.

This vintage Trav-L-Bar has its original ephemera and accessories intact. You can share a cocktail with three friends.

Here's a wooden treasure chest that could be perfect for a pirate adventure or a steampunk weekend. Inside, it includes four decanters. Sadly, one of the original glasses is missing.

This portable bar is lined with Du Pont Fabrikoid. With this kit, you can treat up to five other people to a libation.

Here's another Trav-L Bar in fabulous condition. It was made by Executair.

I like that this portable bar is lined in red leather.

Here's another portable minibar that could fit into a steampunk theme. The flasks inside are already labeled with "Bourbon" and "Scotch." I find that a really nice touch!

Here's another treasure-chest themed portable bar. It's from the 1940s.

All this is making me thirsty - what about you?