Day of the Dead Wedding Cake Toppers

The bride in this pair of Day of the Dead cake toppers wears a lovely white gown trimmed with red roses. Her skeletal groom is nicely gotten up in a tuxedo embellished with red bowtie and handkerchief. They seem.. happy.

Here's a similar couple of skeletons, only this time the bride wears an elegant black gown and the dead groom is in white.

For a more playful, cheerful look, try this Mexican Art Couple sugar skull figures cake topper.

This cake topper features two cute little gothic calaveritas.

It's unusual to see skeleton cake toppers facing each other instead of standing side by side.

This Day of the Dead couple is in a more modern, contemporary style.

It's awesome that, in keeping up with the times, someone has already manufactured a Two Grooms Day of the Dead cake topper.