Edward Gorey's Fantod Pack Tarot Cards

The Edward Gorey Fantod Pack isn't actually a Tarot deck. You can use it for divination if you are creative enough, however.

The deck includes twenty cards and a 32 page booklet explaining how one might use them.

You know how sometimes Edward Gorey made up quirky names for himself as the author of books? Such as Ogdred Weary, or in the case of The Recently Deflowered Girl, "Miss Hyacinthe Phypps." For the Fantod pack, he calls himself Madame Groeda Weyrd.

The card titles include:

  • The Ladder,
  • The Child,
  • The Limb,
  • The Yellow Bird,
  • The Stones,
  • The Effigy,
  • The Insects,
  • The Plant,
  • The Waltzing Mouse,
  • The Urn,
  • The Feather,
  • The Bundle,
  • The Sea,
  • The Ecorche,
  • The Bottle,
  • The Burning Head,
  • The Blue Dog,
  • The Ancestor,
  • The Tunnel,
  • Untitled

Visit this Tumblr to see images of the entire deck.

Wouldn't this be a fun diversion at your next gothic soiree or dark dinner party?