Goth, Horror, Alternative and Tattoo Culture Swimsuits for A Dark Summertime Swim

This "Bag of skulls" swimsuit is by Sullen. It features skulls, roses, and crosses.

This blue skulls swimsuit is by Too Fast. It's a two piece. I like the blue flirty ruffles on the rear!

This Too Fast swimsuit features a rib cage and roses.

This dark bikini is by Sullen Angels.

This Too Fast bikini features skeletal hands.

This skeleton one piece swimsuit is by Banned Apparel.

This Banned Apparel swimsuit features skulls and rose vines.

Here's a similar suit but with the addition of the color red.

Amazon sells a variation on this vines swimsuit.

Here's an adorable sugar skull swimsuit by Banned Clothing.

This skull-themed Torrid tankink top has a built-in underwire.

Is this sugar skull swimsuit too colorful for your tastes? It's also available on Amazon.

This sugar skull kitty swimsuit is by Too Fast.

I like the damask look of this skull bikini.

This skull face swimsuit looks suspiciously cheerful. It's also sold on Amazon.