Sourpuss Pillows for Dark and Gothic Homes

This "Kraken Up" pillow is made from satin and features little black ball tassels. You can also find it on Amazon.

Set this Clipper ship pillow on the other side of your couch, and let them battle it out!

They also make this "Nautical Dream" octopus pillow. You can also buy it on Amazon.

This anatomical ribcage pillow features black satin. It's also available through Amazon.

Pair it with this anatomical heart pillow!

I'm casting about for some excuse to buy this adorable sugar skull throw pillow, despite not having any purple or sugar skull items in my house already for it to fit in with.

They also make the sugar skull pillow in red and black.

I have a friend who is currently obsessed with conjoined twins. I bet she'll scream with joy when she sees this Sourpuss conjoined twins pillow. It's also available on Amazon.

Prefer a square pillow? Here's a green and white sugar skull pillow.

They also sell it in red, black and white.


  1. I'd love to have most of these! Has your friend heard of the musical duo Evelyn Evelyn? It's Neil Gaiman's wife and a guy from some other band who perform as conjoined twins, complete with backstory. They cooperatively play instruments such as piano and ukelele. YouTube has some good examples of their work.

  2. Haha yes, she goes on and on about Evelyn Evelyn, she is obsessed with them :) That might be what all started her fixation actually!


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