Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day of the Dead Dolls

This Day of the Dead doll is a one-of-a-kind doll made from a Monster High "Travel Scaris" Skelita Calaveritas base. She wears a flowery hat and intricate sugar skull face paint.

The same seller offers this Day of the Dead doll wearing a saucy black and red lacy dress. She wears a white flower crown and an orange streak in her hair.

"Margarita Gold" was a Disney Princess baby doll in her previous life. Now she's a heavily repainted Day of the Dead/El Dia de Los Muertos art doll. She wears a red lacy dress over a skeleton jumpsuit.

Tequila Sunrise, from the same seller, wears an orange gauze dress and orange flowery headpiece. I love her face paint - it makes her look quite astonished.

It's refreshing to see a Day of the Dead doll depicting a boy. This one is "Jimmy Changa."

His little friend is Kay Sadeeya. Love these clever names!

"Anne Chilada" wears a fringed poncho.

"Mary Posa" wears a distinctive butterfly headpiece.

"Frida Lay" is the last OOAK Day of the Dead doll from this seller. She wears a flowery hat and blue shawl.

Here's a lovely porcelain Day of the Dead doll by doll artist Christie (Bastet 2939).

Here's another doll by Christie, an elegant Victorian Day of the Dead porcelain doll in a flowing pink gown.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dracula's Ship for Sale - The Demeter

This is "The Demeter." This is a 14 foot model used for the 1979 Universal Studios Dracula film.

The film starred Frank Langella as the titular character.

The Demeter model was exhibited a few times, and has been stored for years. It needs some repairs, but is really cool looking! View the listing for more pics and info. Imagine setting this up in your front yard for your 2014 Halloween home haunt!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evangeline Ghastly Doll - The Dark Attic

Here's the lovely Evangeline Ghastly doll by Tonner, dressed in her "Dark Attic" purple gown.

The doll was made as an exclusive for the 2014 Tonner convention. She stands 19 inches tall.

For more information on Evangeline Ghastly and other dark dolls from Wilde Imagination, click here.

One of a Kind Maleficent Doll

This one-of-a-kind Maleficent doll was created using a Monster High "Draculaura" doll. She's been repainted and recostumed to look like Angelina Jolie in the 2014 Maleficent film. She features handmade horns and a black gown that's not removable.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Alchemy Gothic's Hauntingly Beautiful Bedroom Sets

Decorate your bedroom darkly with duvet covers and bedding sets from Alchemy Gothic.

Abandon No Hope features a wrought iron cemetery gates with full moon theme. There is a single duvet set with coordinating pillowcases.

The design also comes in a king duvet set.

If you like to have a hell of a lot of extra pillows on the bed (I certainly do) you can add some matching twin pillowcases.

Alchemy Gothic's "Raven's Curse" bedding features a full moon with a skull face, with a huge black raven imposed over it.

Alchemy Gothic are also responsible for this Edgar Allan Poe themed bedding set, "Nevermore."

"Nevermore" features a raven with a black rose, over a black and blue background, with text from the poem written out at the end of the duvet.

You can buy matching Nevermore twin pillow cases too.

"Name of the Rose" is part of Alchemy Gothic's "Black Rose" artwork collection. This bedding set features a black haired woman wearing a gothic gown, holding up a chalice or goblet.

Any of these bedding sets would look darkly elegant if accessorized with this black four-poster canopy.

The Book That Should Be Part of Every Goth's Home Library

"The Art of Neil Gaiman"

Hayley Campbell's book on Neil Gaiman's life. Not a biography, but it lets you peek at his notes, scribblings, doodles, scripts, writings, and inspirations for his books and stories. There are old photos of him, interviews and anecdotes, and a lot of background info on where he got his inspiration for many of his novels.

Hayley Campbell's Announcement of Her Book

Boing Boing's review

Brain Pickings' Art of Neil Gaiman Photos

Greg Carpenter's Review at Sequart

Comics Beat's Hayley Campbell Interview

Living Dead Dolls Series 27 - Spirits and Ghouls

New for Summer 2014 from Living Dead Dolls: Series 27! The series depicts spirits and ghouls from around the world. The entire set is available for purchase on Amazon.

"Spring Heeled Jack" wears a black and red cape, skeleton shirt, and boots.

Banshee is my personal favorite of the series, with her snow-white skin and dress, and astonishing blood red eyes. You can also find Banshee on Amazon.

Milu is the Hawaiian lord of the spirit world. Milu is also available on Amazon.

The next doll in the series is this Hopping Vampire. I am not sure why a vampire would hop when it could fly, but oh well. Check out his cool little necklace! The Hopping Vampire is also sold on Amazon.

The final doll in Series 27 is Mephistopheles. He wears an amazing red and gold outfit and horned hat. He even has a little painted on goatee! You can purchase Mephistopheles on Amazon as well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Elegant Skull-Themed Antiques

This antique bronze skull is a verge fusee doctor's style watch and pill box. It was made by Samuel Smilson London. Amazingly, it still has its original key.

This silver and enamel skull table watch dates from the 1800s. It is a verge fusee and comes with its original box. Scroll down the listing to see more pictures of this amazing antique.

Ghostly All White Posey Living Dead Doll

This all-white Posey is a special edition from Mezco to commemmorate the 16th anniversary of Living Dead Dolls. She wears a white gown, long white hair, and a menacing grin.

Quirky Zombie Home Decor Items

Welcome guests to your bunker, I mean home, with this zombie door knocker.

Store your cookies or treats in this zombie cookie jar. (Use a brain-shaped cookie cutter when baking!) The cookie jar is also available on Amazon.

This zombie cookie jar is distinctly grosser.

You can eat your soup (tomato or pea soup, I recommend) out of this ceramic zombie bowl, which comes with matching themed spoon.

And you can drink your coffee out of this matching zombie face mug.

Store your Zombie Zinfandel on the counter with this zombie wine bottle holder.

Long into the evening, you can read zombie survival guides by the light of this zombie table lamp.

And you can set your lamp on this zombie side table.

When you're done reading your book, set it between these zombie bookends.

Store your trinkets (or any fingers that have dropped off) in this zombie jewelry box.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sublime Skeletal Bracelets

You can have skeletal hands gripping your arms comfortingly all day long with these Cuse of Ezekiel bracelets.

Here's a lovely slave bracelet - I like the suggestion to wear it over a velvet glove so it's more visible.

This skeletal bangle depicts a bony hand grasping a tiny red heart. It's also available on eBay.