Day of the Dead Dolls

This Day of the Dead doll is a one-of-a-kind doll made from a Monster High "Travel Scaris" Skelita Calaveritas base. She wears a flowery hat and intricate sugar skull face paint.

The same seller offers this Day of the Dead doll wearing a saucy black and red lacy dress. She wears a white flower crown and an orange streak in her hair.

"Margarita Gold" was a Disney Princess baby doll in her previous life. Now she's a heavily repainted Day of the Dead/El Dia de Los Muertos art doll. She wears a red lacy dress over a skeleton jumpsuit.

Tequila Sunrise, from the same seller, wears an orange gauze dress and orange flowery headpiece. I love her face paint - it makes her look quite astonished.

It's refreshing to see a Day of the Dead doll depicting a boy. This one is "Jimmy Changa."

His little friend is Kay Sadeeya. Love these clever names!

"Anne Chilada" wears a fringed poncho.

"Mary Posa" wears a distinctive butterfly headpiece.

"Frida Lay" is the last OOAK Day of the Dead doll from this seller. She wears a flowery hat and blue shawl.

Here's a lovely porcelain Day of the Dead doll by doll artist Christie (Bastet 2939).

Here's another doll by Christie, an elegant Victorian Day of the Dead porcelain doll in a flowing pink gown.