Living Dead Dolls Series 27 - Spirits and Ghouls

New for Summer 2014 from Living Dead Dolls: Series 27! The series depicts spirits and ghouls from around the world. The entire set is available for purchase on Amazon.

"Spring Heeled Jack" wears a black and red cape, skeleton shirt, and boots.

Banshee is my personal favorite of the series, with her snow-white skin and dress, and astonishing blood red eyes. You can also find Banshee on Amazon.

Milu is the Hawaiian lord of the spirit world. Milu is also available on Amazon.

The next doll in the series is this Hopping Vampire. I am not sure why a vampire would hop when it could fly, but oh well. Check out his cool little necklace! The Hopping Vampire is also sold on Amazon.

The final doll in Series 27 is Mephistopheles. He wears an amazing red and gold outfit and horned hat. He even has a little painted on goatee! You can purchase Mephistopheles on Amazon as well.


  1. For the "Hopping Vampire":
    In the Chinese and Vietnamese folklore (I think), they have a hopping vampire creature.



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