Quirky Zombie Home Decor Items

Welcome guests to your bunker, I mean home, with this zombie door knocker.

Store your cookies or treats in this zombie cookie jar. (Use a brain-shaped cookie cutter when baking!) The cookie jar is also available on Amazon.

This zombie cookie jar is distinctly grosser.

You can eat your soup (tomato or pea soup, I recommend) out of this ceramic zombie bowl, which comes with matching themed spoon.

And you can drink your coffee out of this matching zombie face mug.

Store your Zombie Zinfandel on the counter with this zombie wine bottle holder.

Long into the evening, you can read zombie survival guides by the light of this zombie table lamp.

And you can set your lamp on this zombie side table.

When you're done reading your book, set it between these zombie bookends.

Store your trinkets (or any fingers that have dropped off) in this zombie jewelry box.