Thursday, July 31, 2014

Funko's New Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction Figures

At SDCC, Funko announced exciting news for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas: They're releasing a line of ReAction action figures based on the movie's characters. They stand just under 4 inches tall.

They're currently listed as pre-orders.




Jack Skellington

The Mayor of Halloweentown


These Nightmare Before Christmas toys are also available on Amazon. Happy haunting!

New Nightmare Before Christmas Teapots

New for 2014 - the Zero teapot based on Jack Skellington's dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So cute! It's not microwave or dishwasher safe - and anyway you wouldn't want to risk breaking its long nose off.

There is only one Zero teapot left in stock currently on Amazon. It's selling out very quickly - there were six still available when I checked last night!

If you serve tea in this Sally teapot, your guests might sniff for the telltale scent of Frog's Breath! Also available on eBay.

Also coming soon for the spooky season, this Nightmare Before Christmas teapot features Jack and Sally both. It's a pre-order, currently.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Evangeline Ghastly Parnilla de la Noche Doll

This lovely Parnilla de la Noche doll was an exclusive for the "Wilde in Texas" doll convention event in July 2014. Only 125 of these dolls were made.

She wears a red and black gothic lace gown, a long black veil accentuated with little flowers, and comes with an El Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull mask. Great for your Halloween or Day of the Dead doll collection!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Really Cool Doctor Who Villains Dress

Any goth Doctor Who geeks here? Check out this "Her Universe Bad Guys Dress". Black and white, it features Whovian villains such as Weeping Angels, Daleks, and Cybermen.

There's also a dress sized 2XL available on Amazon.

You can also grab one of these in person at your local Hot Topic.

I think this would be fun for attending summertime cemetery picnics, farmers markets, and leisurely evening dinner parties.

Amusing ABC Book for Goths - Eerie Dearies

Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School- This quirky abecedarian book is by Toronto artist Rebecca Chaperon. Almost every reviewer can't help but compare this to Edward Gorey's "Gashlycrumb Tinies" but I think this book deserves to stand on its own and get its own review for originality. Abecedarian books have a history way before a delightfully cranky old man in Massachusetts created one with macabre drawings.

Take a peek inside the book here.

You can buy prints from the book's charming illustrations at the artist's store.

The "excuses" range from Mononucleosis, Contagion and Insomnia to Kidnapped, Lost, and Teleportation.

What a great coffee table book for your next ghoulish dinner party!

Funko's New Eric Draven Crow Figures

This vinyl figure depicting Eric Draven from The Crow is part of Funko's new ReAction Horror Classics line. He stands just under 4 inches tall.

This vinyl Funko Pop Crow figure is a pre-order.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adorable New Frankenstein Board Book for Goth Babies

I'm so excited to show you BabyLit's new offering, Frankenstein by "Little Miss Shelley." It's "An anatomy primer" with colorful, cute illustrations by Alison Oliver. The board book is sturdy and likely to be chewed on by your goth infant.

BabyLit's Frankenstein book is also available on Amazon.

This would be a nice gift for a goth mama's baby shower, although I'm wondering if many of us eldergoths are becoming grandmothers right about now. Dare we gift these to non-goth daughters or daughters in law?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Intriguing Antique Victorian Bat Brooch

This stunning antique Victorian bat brooch is from around 1880. It's made from sterling silver, set with garnets and turquoises. A perfect adornment for your ballgown or Victorian attire.

Interesting Gothic Men's Bat Coat

I think we as a subculture focus too much on showcasing the stunning gothic fashions for women. We should check out the cool clothing options for men more often. So with that thought in mind, I just adore this stunning gothic bat coat. It's made by Forum, a company I haven't heard of unless that's short for Forum Novelties? It must be, since this coat is only $34.99. That makes this more "costume" than "fashion" but I still like the looks of the design.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Reads for Goths to While Away the Hot Hours While Waiting for Autumn

1. The Book of Life

"The Book of Life," third book in Deborah Harkness's All Souls trilogy. A witchy scholar and a vampire have many supernatural adventures, with a little non-nauseating romance thrown in. If you haven't read "A Discovery of Witches" and its sequel, this book won't be quite so enjoyable, but you could probably get on board with the plot quickly enough. Just released on July 15, 2014. Read NPR's review here.

2. Mr. Mercedes

"Mr. Mercedes," Stephen King's summer 2014 book features a hunt for a serial killer. A bit of a departure for him - how refreshing! Read the New York Times review here.

3. The Quick

"The Quick," by Lauren Owen. Magic and menace in Victorian London. Not just a vampire novel. Read Bookpage's interview with the author here and's review here.

4. The Girl With All the Gifts

I highly recommend M.R. Carey's The Girl With All the Gifts for your summer reading bookbag. Or throw it on your Kindle real quickly. A friend and I devoured this book during our recent San Francisco area beach vacation. I'd not really expected a zombie novel to be a pageturner, but here you have it. Read reviews by Slate, NPR, and The Literary Omnivore.

5. The Girl From the Well

"The Girl From the Well," by Rin Chupeco. I'm not a huge fan of YA novels, but the intriguing The Grudge meets The Ring premise suckered me in. Read reviews at The Book Smugglers and The Not So Literary Heiresses.

6. The Rain

"The Rain," by Virginia Bergin. "Just one drop will kill you." Reading a book like this definitely feels indulgent-for-summer. You might not stimulate your brain cells, but you'll enjoy your time spent between the pages. Read a review from Publishers' Weekly's "We Love This Book". Also, living in Seattle, rain is a near daily occurrence for months of the year, so this is an especially horrid topic for me!

7. The String Diaries

"The String Diaries," by Stephen Lloyd Jones. Becoming bored of zombie and vampire books, I'm eager to read about this new monster: "hosszĂș Ă©letek, the 'long-lived' ones." Read the review at Bookpage and at New York Daily News. The official Facebook page for the book is here.

8. The Strain

"The Strain," by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro. I'm recommending this book to anyone watching the current television series who hasn't yet read the book.

The Strain is the book that's scared me the most while reading, ever. I don't normally become afraid from reading horror books, but I happened to be housesitting a couple summers ago in a four story stone castle-styled mansion. I quivered and trembled and took frequent breaks from reading the book in my lonely attic bedroom. "The Strain" definitely prompted many nightmares, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Maybe read it while your family members or roommates are home and nearby.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Themed Onesies for Goth Babies

This Mad Tea Party onesie features the original illustration by Sir John Tenniel.

Besides pink, this onesie is available in "Asphalt" and in "Baby Blue."

The "Drink Me" onesie is available in White, Pink, Baby Blue, and Asphalt.

Goth-Enough Outfits for Your Baby from Janie and Jack

I just went crazy buying cute outfits for my six month old baby niece. Sadly, her mom won't let me dress her super goth, so I mostly got pink and navy items. I snuck in a few black pieces though! Here's a look at some of the cute black and black-and-white items they're currently carrying.

The collar on this "Tipped Cardigan" gives it that Wednesday Addams feel. It's offered in sizes 3-6 months all the way through girl size 12.

Pair it with these striped leggings, available in the same size range.

This striped skirt is a bit more Beetlejuiceesque than the leggings, I think.

If you're one of the lucky mummies whose babies will restrain themselves from yanking out their hairclips, here's a matching black and white striped hairclip.

I'm excited to find a nautical themed dress that is black instead of navy!

This striped peplum dress doesn't look all that exciting in this photo, but looked adorable on the mannequin at the store.

Evangeline de la Noche Day of the Dead Doll

This limited edition Evangeline Ghastly was produced for the 2014 Wilde Imagination doll event. Only 125 of these stunning dolls were made.

She wears a long black skirt, lace bodice, a black lacy veil with flowers, and a black capelet. Designer Robert Tonner signed her wrist tag.