Goth-Enough Outfits for Your Baby from Janie and Jack

I just went crazy buying cute outfits for my six month old baby niece. Sadly, her mom won't let me dress her super goth, so I mostly got pink and navy items. I snuck in a few black pieces though! Here's a look at some of the cute black and black-and-white items they're currently carrying.

The collar on this "Tipped Cardigan" gives it that Wednesday Addams feel. It's offered in sizes 3-6 months all the way through girl size 12.

Pair it with these striped leggings, available in the same size range.

This striped skirt is a bit more Beetlejuiceesque than the leggings, I think.

If you're one of the lucky mummies whose babies will restrain themselves from yanking out their hairclips, here's a matching black and white striped hairclip.

I'm excited to find a nautical themed dress that is black instead of navy!

This striped peplum dress doesn't look all that exciting in this photo, but looked adorable on the mannequin at the store.