13 Cute Retro Dresses from H&R London

Today I'm enjoying browsing through the retro vintage styled dresses of Hearts & Roses London. Surely I need one of these for dark summer evenings out on the town! Some of the dresses are a bit too on the tattoo/rockabilly style side for me, and many are more pin-up than goth, but I thought you'd enjoy looking as well. Here are a few of my favorites:

I used to wear a lot of plaid back in my punk days in the mid 1980s. This red and black dress is a nice modern way to update the look. It looks like a fun dress to go dancing in - alas, I am a terrible dancer.

I love the interesting cutout neckline on this black dress - very sweet. I'd wear it to a romantic dinner out.

I'd want to try on this black and white floral to be sure it wasn't too big or hideous of a print in person. Otherwise, I think I would love wearing this to a gothic tea party, or an afternoon of shopping and cocktails with the girls.

I don't have any balls to go to - this red dress makes me want to orchestrate one just to have a reason to own this!

I don't look good in wiggle skirts and don't have an office to wear this to. This would be an amazing wardrobe addition for a busy corporate goth.

Here it is in red, too.

I'm sorely tempted by this halter dress. Halter dresses look good on me, and I can see myself wearing this to park picnics with my friends, dinner and a movie, or the farmer's market on the way back from a bookstore shopping spree.

I go boating as often as I can find the opportunity, so I'm negligent for not owning a cute sailor dress before now. I also end up doing fun things along the Seattle waterfront, like taking visiting relatives to the Seattle Great Wheel. I'd love flouncing about the waterfront in this!

I can't decide if the print on this fruit dress is intriguing or atrocious! I think I like it.

I like the fitted, tailored style of this polka dot dress. Another one that would be good for a professional corporate goth.