Friday, September 26, 2014

Sinister Shower Curtains from Sourpuss

Redoing your bathroom? Give it a cool, edgy theme with Sourpuss's goth, rockabilly and horror themed shower curtains and accessories.

Sourpuss "Spooksville" Bat Shower Curtain

Sourpuss "Optical Delusion" Eyeballs-Themed Shower Curtain

Sourpuss "Sugar Ink" Shower Curtain and Bath Set

Sourpuss "Freak Show" Shower Curtain

Sourpuss "Kraken Up" Shower Curtain

Cute Witchy Kids Book for Autumn

Cake Girl (2009, by David Lucas) is an adorable witchy book that isn't too Halloweeny - in case your kids get all overwhelmed with the Halloween themed books you read with them in the next month or two.

"Cake Girl" features a message about friendship that I approve of. A witch is spending her birthday alone. That bothers her, so she bakes a cake girl to keep her company.

She bosses the Cake Girl around, makes her clean, and threatens to eat her.

The Cake Girl teaches the witch how to have fun, be a good friend, and in return the witch (kinder now) teaches the Cake Girl how to transform herself into anything she wants. A sappy, happy ending, but that's ok with me. The artwork is whimsical and features gorgeous and vibrant fall colors.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Burlesque Baking Cookbook for Goth Bakers

Burlesque Baking is a well-received cake baking cookbook by Charlotte White from Restoration Cake in the UK. I'm sure I personally shouldn't attempt any of the gorgeous cakes in this book, but you might be more talented in the kitchen than me.

Here are a couple peeks at the inside of the book:

This might make a nice holiday gift for the goth baker in your life!


Restoration Cake

Restoration Cake on Facebook

Burlesque Baking (Burlexe)

Burlesque Baking: The Art of Covering Up (Fabric of my Life)

Burlesque Baking: The Art of High Tease (

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pullip's Steampunk Rhiannon Doll

Pullip released their steampunk Rhiannon doll back in 2011. She's a Byul doll, which uses a Dal body but with a different face sculpt.

She wears ruffly pants and a lacy hat, and carries both a steampunk parasol and a steampunk satchel. There's also a jaunty feather sticking out of her hat!

Bat Cake Pops Mix for Goth Bakers

This Bats Cake Pop Mix is by Brand Castle. I love that it comes with red velvet cake mix!

The Bats cake pop mix is also available on eBay.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Ultimate Babybat Outfit for Bratty Batty Babies

Carters' "I'm Batty for Mommy" Halloween outfit comes in sizes Newborn through 24 months. I love that there's a bat across the baby's buns!

It's also available on eBay.

This Goth Toddler Halloween Costume is Unbelievably Cute

This cute black and white costume features a pumpkin ghost face, black and white stripes AND polkadots! It doesn't get much more gothy than that. There's also a cute little ribbon bow or two.

The Cookie Spookie costume for toddlers is also available on Amazon.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Gorgeous Bohemian Decanters for Gothic and Vampiric Home Decor

These antique Czech Bohemian glass decanters would be perfect for a home decorated with vampiric flair or a gothic theme. Picture one of these lovely antiques sitting on a carved ebony sideboard, full of blood red wine, waiting to be served to your honored guests...

Ruby Red Decanters, Cordials and Stemware Set

Vintage Ruby Cut to Clear Glass Decanter

Pair of 19th Century Bohemian Ruby Glass Decanters

Czech Ruby Red and Gold Decanter and Cordials

Amethyst Decanter and Cordials with Silver Overlay

Antique Bohemian Black Cut to Clear Decanter

Square Ruby Glass Bohemian Decanter

Too Fast's Creepy Annabel Clothing

A lot of Too Fast's clothing is really tattoo/rockabilly oriented, not goth. But I know there can be some crossover between the two subcultures. Here's a nice skull sweater that would be cute for fall. I love the peekaboo sleeves!

Too Fast's Annabel Sugar skull shirt has cute bows at the top of it. Might be too pink for some people's tastes though.

This strange shirt is called Ms. Skunk.

This shirt is Too Fast's "Amadeus."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Unusual Antique and Modern Bat Vases

This antique Art Nouveau black bat vase was made in Japan.

This bat vase is by a contemporary pottery company, Castle Rock Pottery. Here's their bat vase in red.

They also create their bat vase in brown.

This pottery bat vase was made in Australia in the 1940s.

This unusual bat peach blossom statue isn't a vase, but I wanted to show it to you anyway.

This Art Nouveau bat vase was made sometime around 1900 by Royal Copenhagen.

Quirky Alice in Wonderland Teapots for Gothic Tea Parties

This Alice in Wonderland teapot set is from Disney Tokyo. Do my eyes deceive me, or does it feature three spouts?

This curiously flattened Alice teapot is from Vista Allegre.

I think it's quite clever how this Alice teapot depicts Alice all stretched out all on the long skinny teapot!

The artwork on this Alice in Wonderland teapot is kind of wonky and funky, but I like the white rabbit on top of the teapot lid!

This Mad Hatter figural teapot cracks me up! It's by Paul Cardew.

This teapot is a replica of the level 2 weapon in the game Alice: Madness Returns. Chuckle.

Here's another three spout teapot featuring Alice in Wonderland. It's from Disney Parks.

This Alice face figural teapot is a bit disturbing, do you agree?