Cutest Plush Bats for Goth Babies

This cute little plush bat is a Webkinz by Ganz. He costs less than $10!

This little brown bat is a Beanie Baby. Don't hold that against it!

This adorable batcat plush is by Blacklilypie on Etsy.

This is a Teddy Bear Bat!

This blue Cuddle Bat is made in Berlin, Germany. The seller offers cuddle bats in many other colors too.

This is a Mama Radar Bat.

Aww, here's a little Hello Kitty Halloween bat. She's also available on eBay.

This Beanie Batty is wearing a pumpkin Halloween costume.

This little black bat is called Moonstruck.

This little toy is called Beanie Ballz Batty.

This bat toy is a Vamplets plush named Hector.

This plush bat is a Bellapops from Ganz.

This Bat-E Beanie Baby bat looks sad and in need of a hug.

This Skelanimals bat is a Day of the Dead toy named Diego.