Christmas Dresses for Goth Babies and Little Goth Girls

Do you have the courage to present your little one to relatives on Christmas in a dark or black and white gothy dress? Here are some of my favorites. (Boy am I jealous if you have a girl to dress up - I only have nephews!)

Black Taffeta Formal Dress for Infants, from Greatlookz on Amazon

Blueberi Boulevard Red and Black Flocked Holiday Dress for Girls

Blueberi Boulevard Red and Black Flocked Holiday Dress for Newborns

Black Lace Dress for Toddlers, from Lito

Christmas Plaid Dress in Green, from Lito

Black and White Plaid Special Occasion Dress by Blueberi Boulevard

Red and Black Damask Tea-Length Christmas Dress, from Crayon Kids

Burtonesque Black and White Holiday Dress, by Crayon Kids

Red and Black Net Dress, from Isobella and Chloe

Violet Drop Waist Dress, from Isobella and Chloe

Youngland Striped Dress for Little Girls

Youngland Flocked Black and White Infant Dress

Youngland Red and Black Velour Christmas Dress for Infants

Chevron Dress for Little Girls, from Youngland

Youngland Houndstooth Dress for Little Girls

"Shimmering Zigzags" Dress from Youngland

Black and White Houndstooth Holiday Coat Dress, by Blueberi Boulevard

Cinderella Couture Black and Red Christmas Dress for Babies

White Tulle Baby Dress with Black Petals, by Cinderella Couture

White, Black and Red Petal Dress for Girls

Rosette Dress for Infants, from Rare Editions

Red and Black Striped Christmas Dress, from Lito

I love the swirly floral embroidery on this red and black holiday dress.

This toile dress in red, black and white, is stunning!

Happy gothic holidays!