Warming Up in Wintertime with Jack Skellington

Here are Nightmare Before Christmas footed pajamas for ladies.

Um, so yeah, this basically is a Nightmare Before Christmas snuggie. For just $20!

Keep your feet toasty warm with these Jack Skellington slipper boots.

If those are a bit of, shall we say, overkill, try these slippers instead!

Here are some Jack Skellington sleep pants for men.

This hooded robe has a repeating pattern of Jack's face on it.

Or here's a robe with Jack's signature stripes.

This Jack Skellington robe for little boys doesn't feature Jack's head as the hood, instead showing his face on a repeating pattern throughout the robe.

Here's a two piece men's Jack Skellington pajama set.

This Comfy Blanket with Sleeves is sort of hideous. It features Jack Skellington and Zero.

These sleep pants feature Jack on the spiral hill.

Here are some NMBC Kigurumi pajamas for women.

Can this really be called a Jack Skellington "union suit" if there aren't actually any bum flaps?