Saturday, January 24, 2015

Black Stoneware Dishes for the Gothic Kitchen

I was thinking that these Mikasa dishes might be perfect for darkening up your everyday dishes and bringing some gothic style into your home. These aren't elegant or delicate enough for vampiric decor, and the wrong color and material for steampunk. But I'm thinking some nice sturdy microwaveable, dishwasherable stoneware might be a nice addition to a gothic kitchen. Especially if you have kids!

Mikasa Stone Glaze Black Mug

Mikasa Stone Glaze Black Creamer

Mikasa Stone Glaze Black Sugar Bowl

Mikasa Stone Glaze Black Vegetable Bowl

Mikasa Stone Glaze Black Cereal Bowl

Mikasa Stone Glaze Black Platter

You can find all these and many more Mikasa Stone Glaze dishes in black, on eBay.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Steampunk Alice and Wizard of Oz Dolls

The Madame Alexander Steampunk Mad Hatter doll wears handcrafted jacket, shirt, pants, boots, belt, and of course his trademark Mad Hatter's hat. He's also available on Amazon.

The Madame Alexander Steampunk Alice in Wonderland doll wears striped stockings, lacy steampunk boots, a striped dress, and tiny goggles atop her mass of blonde curls. She's also sold on Amazon.

The Madame Alexander doll company extended their steampunk vision to The Wizard of Oz. Here's their Steampunk Glinda doll. She's really, really pink. You can also find her on eBay.

The Madame Alexander Steampunk Wicked Witch of the West doll has cool black boots, a corset, and an oddly motorized broom. You can also obtain her from eBay.

The Steampunk Dorothy wears red boots, carries a little robot Toto dog, wears a fascinator with top hat and goggles, a corset, and red bows in her hair. You can also find her on eBay.


Madame Alexander (Official)

Madame Alexander on Facebook

Skele-Treks Toys and Shirts

Skele-Treks are what happen when you mash up Star Trek with Day of the Dead inspired skeletons. They're cute 5" tall vinyl collectible figures. Coming soon - Captain Picard!

You can buy all three figures from Series 1 at the same time.

I love that they are packaged in little boxes that look like transporter beams!

Here's Captain Kirk from The Original Series. You can also grab one on eBay.

Klingons look really scary when mashed up with skeletons! Klingon Skele-Treks are also sold on eBay.

The Skele-Treks Borg figure is available on eBay and on Amazon.

They even make Skele-Trek shirts now. Here's the Borg shirt for men. It's also available on Amazon.

Here's the Captain Kirk Skele-Treks t-shirt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Adorable Alice in Wonderland Dolls by Azone

Azone Alice as The Cheshire Cat. Love the mittens and striped stockings!

"Alice Time of Grace" wears a blue dress and a locket. Her shoes have tiny bows on them.

Azone's "Alice Cute Classic" wears striped stockings and lots of bows - on her dress, her shoes and her head. She carries a little stuffed White Rabbit.

This is the "Tick Tock Rabbit" Alice doll from Azone. This one wears red shoes!

Here are two dolls from the Azone Alice Mad Hatter tea party.

The Black Alice doll comes with a black rabbit. And an eyepatch!

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Bat-Poet Book

I saw a first edition of this book with Maurice Sendak bat illustrations at a recent rare books show here in Seattle. The first-edition book was too expensive, but I loved the illustrations. I'm glad to see it's available on Amazon and on eBay.

Here are some of Sendak's illustrations for the book:


Randall Jarrell at Poets.Org

Maurice Sendak at PBS

Sourpuss Batty Sweaters for Spring

Keep warm and look stylish this spring with Batty sweaters from Sourpuss!

Sourpuss' Batty sweater is in black with gray bats. It's also sold on Amazon.

Sourpuss also makes a batty sweater dress in this color combination.

The Sourpuss Batty cardigan is in black and white. It's also sold on Amazon.

Here's the batty sweater in a fresh spring green with black bats. It's also available through eBay.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spooky and Cute Books for Goth Kids

"Your Skeleton is Showing: Rhymes of Blunder From Six Feet Under" is a silly book for kids aged 3-7.

"Rich Witch, Poor Witch" is a preschool book for kids aged 3-7, by the author of the "Vampire School" series.

My eight year old nephew thought the artwork in "Crankenstein" was disturbing; but my 5 year old nephew thought the book was funny.

"The Insomniacs" is a beautiful picture book for 3-5 year olds that celebrates the beauty of nighttime. Great for goth and alternative parenting types.

Funko's Upcoming X-Files Toys

Coming soon from Funko: X-Files Pop! vinyl collectible toys. So cute! Amazon won't have them until June 2015 though. They might show up on Entertainment Earth or eBay a bit sooner than that.

Fox Mulder Pop! Vinyl, on Amazon

Dana Scully Pop! Vinyl, on Amazon

X-Files Alien Pop! Vinyl, on Amazon

Cigarette Smoking Man Pop! Vinyl, on Amazon


Funko Toys

X-Files News

The X-Files Timeline

X-Files Universe

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Black Cats for Goth Kitchens

How adorable is this French Cats bento lunchbox?

This cat face bento box is maybe too cutesey - I hesitated to add it here, but maybe perkigoths would enjoy seeing this!

I'm not generally a fan of tea-for-one sets - they make me feel lonely and they simply don't hold enough tea. But this black cat tea-for-one is pretty charming, I have to admit.

This cat eyes glass plate has to be hand washed and can't be microwaved.

I like the shape of the eyes on this black cat mug.

This is a stoneware teapot from OmniWare featuring a black kitty.

Check out these adorable vintage black cat salt & pepper shakers! They even still have their original cork stoppers.

This bento box is shaped like a black cat's face.