Black Cats for Goth Kitchens

How adorable is this French Cats bento lunchbox?

This cat face bento box is maybe too cutesey - I hesitated to add it here, but maybe perkigoths would enjoy seeing this!

I'm not generally a fan of tea-for-one sets - they make me feel lonely and they simply don't hold enough tea. But this black cat tea-for-one is pretty charming, I have to admit.

This cat eyes glass plate has to be hand washed and can't be microwaved.

I like the shape of the eyes on this black cat mug.

This is a stoneware teapot from OmniWare featuring a black kitty.

Check out these adorable vintage black cat salt & pepper shakers! They even still have their original cork stoppers.

This bento box is shaped like a black cat's face.