Steampunk Alice and Wizard of Oz Dolls

The Madame Alexander Steampunk Mad Hatter doll wears handcrafted jacket, shirt, pants, boots, belt, and of course his trademark Mad Hatter's hat. He's also available on Amazon.

The Madame Alexander Steampunk Alice in Wonderland doll wears striped stockings, lacy steampunk boots, a striped dress, and tiny goggles atop her mass of blonde curls. She's also sold on Amazon.

The Madame Alexander doll company extended their steampunk vision to The Wizard of Oz. Here's their Steampunk Glinda doll. She's really, really pink. You can also find her on eBay.

The Madame Alexander Steampunk Wicked Witch of the West doll has cool black boots, a corset, and an oddly motorized broom. You can also obtain her from eBay.

The Steampunk Dorothy wears red boots, carries a little robot Toto dog, wears a fascinator with top hat and goggles, a corset, and red bows in her hair. You can also find her on eBay.


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