Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cool and Creepy Zombie Fabrics for Goth Crafts Projects

This Zombie Apocalypse print fabric is sold by the yard. It features "helpful" trivia, such as "Zombies can't climb trees" and "Zombies can smell fear."

The Zombie Apocalypse fabric also comes in blue. It's also available on Etsy.

Here's a Emily Taylor zombie fabric assortment of eight yards, with some of the other zombie patterns.

This pattern showing walking zombies in cream is sold on Etsy.

It also comes in gray.

The "Gray Eyes" companion fabric is my least favorite in the Emily Taylor Zombie Apocalypse line.

The Eyes fabric also comes in orange.

Other styles of Zombie Apocalypse fabrics are available at

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hell Bunny's Gotham City Bat Attack Dresses for Spring 2015

New from Hell Bunny, just in time for spring! "Gotham City Bat Attack" halter dresses. I love halters, they're so flattering on so many people.

The bat-infested dress also comes in green.

But my favorite color it comes in is red!

The Gotham City Bat Attack dresses are also sold on eBay.

Stunning Winter Coats for Goths from Hell Bunny and Spin Doctor

Sadly, for many parts of the US and the UK, winter is not yet over. Long dreary rainy days, chilling snowstorms and blizzards, and drenching downpours still await. Might as well look good with a new stylish winter coat!

Here's Hell Bunny's gorgeous 1940s military/nautical inspired Millie coat, in red. I think it's the perfect goth winter coat (unless you live in the snowy Northeast, in which case it's too short to keep your legs warm and dry). It's also sold on Amazon.

Here's the plus-size Millie coat in red.

The Millie coat also comes in this somber gray.

Here's the Millie coat in teal, which is my current favorite color (other than black, of course).

If military style isn't your thing, how about this lush black brocade frock coat from Spin Doctor?

This black coat from Spin Doctor is called a Dandy Coat.

I don't usually care for faux fur, but I do like the way this Sarah Jane coat from Hell Bunny is trimmed in it along the bottom.

The Sarah Jane coat is also available in teal trimmed with black.

And I'm sure this Sarah Jane in "little red riding hood" style will be popular with a lot of people. It's also available on Amazon.

For any gothic lolitas out here, here is the Sarah Jane coat in baby blue.

It also comes in a lolita pink.

The Shonna coat is a longer (and I assume warmer) version of the Sarah Jane.

The Shonna coat also comes in red trimmed with black faux fur.

Hell Bunny's red-and-black Mika coat would have been perfect for a gothic Valentine's Day. It's also sold on Amazon.

The Mika coat also comes in black and white, which is also sold through Amazon.

Bernie Dexter Damask Dress for a Gothic Springtime

I think this Bernie Dexter "Goddess" damask dress is perfect for a springtime goth picnic outfit, or to wear to a commemorative 150th anniversary tea party for "Alice in Wonderland."

This 1950s-inspired dress does not come with the cute hat, unfortunately!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Vintage Vinegar Valentines

"The Boarding House Mistress," on eBay

In the 1840s and 1850s, a curious tradition emerged - Vinegar Valentines. (They were also known as Penny Dreadfuls).

"Miser" Vinegar Valentine, on Ebay

One might send a vinegar valentine (featuring a caricature and a nasty or mean poem) to someone you didn't like. At one point they accounted for more than fifty percent of all Valentine's mail!

"Barbara Bargain," on eBay

Cruel and a bit twisted, these dark Valentines are intriguing to look at through the lens of history.

"Lawyer" Vinegar Valentine, on eBay


Be My Vinegar Valentine (The Newberry Library)

The Bizarre Tradition of Vinegar Valentines (Bitch Magazine)

The Curious Tradition of Valentine's Day Hate Mail (Mental Floss)

The Days of the Vinegar Valentines (Daily Mail)

Happy Valentine's Day, I Hate You (Collector's Weekly)

Vinegar Valentines Reveal Tradition's Ugly Side (Telegraph)

When Love Letters Were Hate Mail (BBC)

"Mamma's Darling," on eBay

Little Dal Valentine's Devil Outfit

A creative seamstress has created this devil outfit that fits DAL or Byul dolls from Korea's Pullip company.

The cute little outfit includes the horned hood, pitchfork, devil wings, cloak, shirt, jumper, socks and boots. The doll is not included.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

T.U.K.'s Sugar Skull Shoes for a Gothic Valentine's Day

I think T.U.K.'s sugar skull shoes aren't just for El Dia de Los Muertos. They're festive and fun, and could be part of an awesome gothic Valentine's Day outfit, if you chose carefully.

These sugar skull flats are black with pink flowers. Search for other sizes on eBay.

I don't have the balance or coordination to wear these lovely red floral red and black sugar skull pumps, but maybe you do!

This pair of sugar skull pumps features a simple black design with white skull and pink roses.

Black and White Damask Corsets for a Sultry Gothic Valentine's Day

This black and white corset is trimmed with a festive red. It ships from Canada, and is available in S, L and XXL sizes.

Here's a similar damask corset with red trim.

This black and white damask overbust corset has a bit of a steampunk feel to it, with the leather and the gold fastenings.

I like the modern look of this larger print damask corset.

This elegant damask corset is from White House Black Market.

This damask corset is embellished with ruffles and bows.

This damask corset is attached to a red tulle skirt. It's by Glamtastik on Etsy.

Here's a black and white damask waist training corset, from Miss Talk on Amazon.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Pullip's New Goth Ringmistress Circus Doll

Coming in late February 2015, Pullip Laura depicts a gothic circus ringmistress.

She wears a very short red velvet skirt with white lacy ruffles, knee high black boots, striped stockings, arm warmers and a neck ruff.

Read this blog post for info on the origins of the doll (Something to do with the cover of Dolly Japan magazine).

"Laura" is likely the first in a line of circus-themed Pullip dolls.