Stunning Winter Coats for Goths from Hell Bunny and Spin Doctor

Sadly, for many parts of the US and the UK, winter is not yet over. Long dreary rainy days, chilling snowstorms and blizzards, and drenching downpours still await. Might as well look good with a new stylish winter coat!

Here's Hell Bunny's gorgeous 1940s military/nautical inspired Millie coat, in red. I think it's the perfect goth winter coat (unless you live in the snowy Northeast, in which case it's too short to keep your legs warm and dry). It's also sold on Amazon.

Here's the plus-size Millie coat in red.

The Millie coat also comes in this somber gray.

Here's the Millie coat in teal, which is my current favorite color (other than black, of course).

If military style isn't your thing, how about this lush black brocade frock coat from Spin Doctor?

This black coat from Spin Doctor is called a Dandy Coat.

I don't usually care for faux fur, but I do like the way this Sarah Jane coat from Hell Bunny is trimmed in it along the bottom.

The Sarah Jane coat is also available in teal trimmed with black.

And I'm sure this Sarah Jane in "little red riding hood" style will be popular with a lot of people. It's also available on Amazon.

For any gothic lolitas out here, here is the Sarah Jane coat in baby blue.

It also comes in a lolita pink.

The Shonna coat is a longer (and I assume warmer) version of the Sarah Jane.

The Shonna coat also comes in red trimmed with black faux fur.

Hell Bunny's red-and-black Mika coat would have been perfect for a gothic Valentine's Day. It's also sold on Amazon.

The Mika coat also comes in black and white, which is also sold through Amazon.