Diamanda Galas Rarities and Collectibles on eBay

Somewhere hidden deep away in a closet in my house is an old VHS player I could use to play this Judgment Day video tape.

Of course, you can listen to the entire tape on Youtube here too. (Not for the faint of heart).

I'm glad I bought The Divine Punishment LP back in the day, because I wouldn't want to have to fork over $67 for it now. You can listen to the lp on YouTube too. .

Here's another hard-to-find LP: You Must Be Certain of the Devil. Listen to it here on YouTube.

Here's the UK LP version of Diamanda Galas' The Singer album.

Listen to The Singer album in entirety on YouTube.

You can really hear Diamanda's full vocal range on the rare Panoptikon LP. Listen to it on YouTube.

Here's the Japanese Plague Mass album.

Here's a really important album - The Litanies of Satan which also includes "Wild Women with Steak Knives."

I love her mournful look and crazy hair on this striking album art for Saint of the Pit.

This "A Diamond Hidden in the Mouth of a Corpse" album features poetry and spoken word by Diamanda Galas, William Burroughs, Cabaret Voltaire, and other artists.