Stylish Dark Baby Bassinet Carrying Cots for Goth Parents

I love the look of these carrycots for infants, but they sure are expensive. They're from the "Mamas and the Papas" company, and they're meant to fit into various stroller designs (Mylo, Armadillo, Urbo and Urbo2). They help transform a bulkier stroller into a walking stroller, with the lift out carrycot to carry your baby around in. I like how different they look from everything else similar I've seen on the market, and I love the dark colors! I threw in a couple goth-friendly red and purple ones too!

Urbo Carrycot in Black

Urbo2 Carrycot in Tweed

Sola Carrycot in Black

Urbo Carrycot in Brick Red

Armadillo Flip Carrycot in Black

Mylo Carrycot in Plum Pudding Purple

Urbo2 Carrycot in Mulberry