Fun Pirate Ship Toys for Goth Kids

I'm tempted to be the coolest goth aunt ever and set up a couple of these high quality wooden play sets in my playroom for my nephews. I love that they aren't plastic! Imagine the vicious play battles they could enact with these pirate toys.

Here's the black and red pirate ship belonging to the wicked Barbarossa. A skull and crossbones adorns several flags all over the ship, and the back of it opens up - the better to haul in your pirated plunder!

Barbarossa needs rival pirates to be at war with over chests of gold. The Phantom ship is a ghost ship. I find it slightly less spooky, with its blue and green color scheme. The flag depicts a skull and crossbones over a spider web.

Chinese pirates get into the action with this warrior Shanghai pirate ship. It has a fire breathing dragon motif.