H&R London's Dresses for Goth Spring Parties, Day and Night

I often have springtime family obligations to attend (brunches, Easter, baby showers, birthdays) where elderly relatives will be in attendance. I prefer not to give them strokes or heart attacks by showing up fully gothed out. So I tone it down - a lot. But I don't want to be all pinky-stinky pastel either. So instead of head-to-toe black, I wear black and white florals. It's still spring like, but with enough of an edge and a bit of darkness to make me happy. Here's the H&R London black and white floral dress I'm tempted to add to my wardrobe for occasions like these. I'm not certain I care for the cap sleeves though.

So perhaps I'd instead choose this sleeveless black and white floral halter top dress and then wear a little cardigan (black, naturally) over it.

How about H&R London's polka dot dress for your Mother's Day brunch, a shopping trip with your sister, or a two martini lunch with your stepmom? The polka dot dress is also sold on Amazon.

I really like the damask print on this H&R London dress.

If that's just too much white for you to stomach, how about this darker floral black and white dress? I like the undertulle!

Here's the damask dress I liked so much, in black-with-white this time.

I can't completely decide if this purple Bleeding Roses print is hideous, or if I'd enjoy wearing it to a cemetery picnic this spring.

I can totally see myself wearing this skulls and roses dress all the way from daytime antiquing and coffee house visits through evening whiskey bars, a luxury movie theater and dessert afterwards.

For spring evenings, I like the Moulin Rouge corset dress, with its dark floral print.

The Moulin Rouge dress also comes in red.

Now on all these sunny spring days, what do we carry to protect our pale skin from the painful embrace of the everpresent sun? How about the Bats parasol from Sourpuss?