Thursday, July 23, 2015

Creepy and Cool Sugar Insects and Bugs

Cecilia's Sugar Art is an Etsy shop based in Dover, England. The incredibly talented sugar artist creates sugar sculptures as well as polymer clay ones.

The sugar spiders are not actually edible due to their internal supports.

Here are some of her beautifully realistic edible bugs and spiders:

Sugar Tarantula

Sugar Spring Hammock Spider

Sugar Spider

Horned Spider Made of Sugar

Sugar Cockroach

Grasshopper Made of Sugar

Sugar Fly

Brown Widow Spider made from Sugar

Green Bottle Fly Made of Sugar

How cool is that?!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Darling Munsters Vinyl Figures from Funko

Coming in August from Funko: The Munsters collectible Funko Pop! Vinyl figures. The set of four is also available through Amazon.

Grandpa Munster, on Amazon and on eBay.

Herman Munster, on Amazon and on eBay.

Lily Munster on eBay and on Amazon.

Eddie Munster is sold on eBay and via Amazon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nightmare Before Christmas Home Decor from Canis Picta

I wanted to show you a few cool home and bedroom decor items from the Canis Picta shop on Etsy.

I might not do an entire bedroom in Nightmare Before Christmas decor, but I'm definitely picking up one of these Jack Skellington throw pillows.

There's a Jack Skellington duvet cover for your bedroom, too.

If you prefer Jack's face to the pinstriped suit, this shop will custom make you Jack Skellington throw pillows with several of Jack's different facial expressions.

Here's the adorably named Sally Finkelstein Skellington throw pillow.

Or perhaps you prefer this alternate version of a Sally throw pillow?

Or here's a throw pillow with Sally's iconic dress design.

Who wouldn't want to come home after a long day at the office and snuggle up under this Zero duvet cover?

Here's the matching Zero throw pillow.

Or perhaps you prefer seeing Zero's entire body on a throw pillow design.

Oogie Boogie is actually my least favorite NMBC character, you may be surprised to find out. But should you feel the need, here's an Oogie Boogie duvet cover for your queen sized bed.

Here's the matching Oogie Boogie throw pillow.

Here's the Mayor of Halloweentown throw pillow. Sadly, I don't see a matching duvet cover in this style.

Here's a spiderweb clock that uses the Nightmare Before Christmas font to continue your decor theme in a bedroom or living room.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gothic Cathedral Coloring Books

More rainy day activities, this one inspired by the Architecture 101: Gothic Cathedrals class over at Dark Side University.

Cathedrals of the World coloring book features St. Paul's Cathedral in London, Chartres in France, Notre Dame in Paris, Cologne Cathedral in Germany, St. Peter's in Rome, St. Basil's in Moscow, St. Patrick's in NYC, and many more.

The Cathedral Stained Glass coloring book offers 16 full page plates on translucent paper. That way you can get some guidance while coloring them in. The finished product can be put in front of a light source to illuminate it!

The Gargoyles and Medieval Monsters coloring book features detailed black-and-white illustrations of 45 mythical animals, including dragons, winged dogs, demons, lions, griffins, a bull, unicorn, eagle, and various other grotesques.

Happy coloring!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Creature Cups for Gothic or Steampunk Home Decor

When I was a young gothling, my grandmother had a special cup she'd entice us to drink our milk from. There was a little honeybear at the bottom, and we'd drink eagerly to get to see its face. Luckily your own progeny will be able to enjoy much creepier Creature Cups thanks to this company!

As shown, they work best with chocolate milk, coffee or hot cocoa.

Cthulhu Creature Cup on Amazon and on Etsy

Octopus Creature Cup on Amazon and on Etsy

Skull Creature Cup on Amazon and on Etsy

Spider Creature Cup on Amazon and on Etsy

Spider Creature Bowl on Amazon

They even make a Spider bowl to eat your Frankenberry out of!

The Creature Cups are also sold on eBay.

SpookyButCute's Gothic Rag Dolls

I'm really quite tired of all the "OOAK dead dolls" with bleeding eyes, so these Spooky But Cute handmade rag dolls - artistic and obviously lovingly created - are so refreshing. They're made by Rachel Ann.

This is the Whimsical Friday doll, wearing pin stripes.

This adorable rag doll comes with her dead button eyed kitty.

I love the red hair on this gothic rag doll. She comes with her "tatty bunny."

This art doll is Vicky the Vampire.

Check out the creepy button eyes on this Tatty Witch doll!

I don't know what I like best about this steampunk art doll: her cool pirate eye patch or her spiderweb dress!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Alice in Steampunk World

New for summer 2015 from Groove: Alice in Steampunk World. This Pullip doll wears a blue dress, striped underskirt, striped stockings, has gears on her dress, a tiny corset, and a bow on her head. So darling!

She's also available on eBay.

The Mad Hatter in Steampunk World is a girl! She wears a big bow in her hair, with a gear on it; a gingham dress with striped underskirt; a leather-look corset with straps; and platform boots.

The White Rabbit in Steampunkland will be an Isul, due to arrive August 2015.

The Rose and Plum Gothic Wedding Shop

The Rose and Plum, also known as "RosenPlum" is an Etsy shop specializing in gothic wedding jewelry and accessories. I'd love to see some clearer, less dark pics of these beautiful items.

Here's a Gothic Victorian pocket watch for the groom.

This gorgeous gothic cross necklace is meant for the gothic bride. It's called "Blackest Nyte."

If I were to get married again, I would want to wear this Arachnid Spider Lady headband.

This cherub necklace is called "Darkest Angel."

If you have a black-and-red themed wedding, or a vampire-themed one, how about this pretty Mina headband?

Here's a really unique piece of gothic wedding jewelry: the urn and red rose necklace.