Gothic and Horror Nesting Dolls for Morbid Home Decor

Today I wanted to share with you Pumpkin Prouty Handmade Gifts. This Etsy shop, based in Firestone, Colorado, sells really cool handmade unusual nesting dolls.

Now, you might not have an everyday need for a nesting doll. But if you want a nice conversation piece to keep on your mantel, or you're looking for a unique gift that's dark and spooky, take a peek.

Let's start with the most important one right off the bat: Nightmare Before Christmas nesting dolls! The Oogie Boogie figure is the biggest, in order to hold all the rest of the dolls. Jack and Sally are followed by a progressively smaller Santa Claus, and the set finishes with a tiny Halloweentown Mayor.

This second set of Nightmare Before Christmas nesting dolls has a big Jack Skellington instead of Oogie Boogie. (Not everybody's a fan of Oogie, I guess). You also get Santa Claus, Jack dressed as Santa, Sally, and a scary little Christmas gift nesting doll as the very smallest piece.

I love that these Addams Family nesting dolls are based on the original Charles Addams cartoons, not on the TV show or movie depictions. You get Uncle Fester, Gomez and Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley.

This set of Horror Classics nesting dolls includes Leatherface, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and a haunted house.