Friday, August 28, 2015

My Favorite Jack Skellington Tote Bag for Back-to-School

Sadly, I'm too busy to go back to school this fall. I might take some cooking classes though, so that's my excuse to pick up this darling Jack Skellington Tuxedo tote bag. Find it on eBay or at the Disney store.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Custom Nightmare Before Christmas Props for Your Halloween Party

Oh who am I kidding? We'd never just use these only for Halloween parties. They'd be in our houses 365 days a year, admired and worshipped!

These paper mache sculptures are made by Scatterbirdie in Texas. They can be customized to your preferences.

Jack Skellington Snowman


Oogie Boogie

Nightmare Duck Toy

Visit Scatterbirdie's Etsy shop to see more of her art sculptures and Halloween decor.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Goth Shop of the Week: Madame Morwenna

This week's Goth Shop of the Week is Madame Morwenna, "Handsewn accessories for the curious dark-hearts." The shop is based in England.

On offer are hanging decorations, such as this stuffed Jolly Roger pirate skull.

This steampunk heart is another hanging decoration.

I like the hair fascinators here - this one is "Mini Cocktails 'n' Cobwebs."

She creates lovely gothic brooches, like this Mini Stuffed Mexican Sugar Skull brooch.

Here's an intriguing Day of the Dead brooch, too.

The shop offers a couple of chokers, such as this Steampunk Voodoo frilled choker.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dark Skull and Insect Themed Dishes for Year Round Elegant Gothic Entertaining

Today I'm swooning over the Angioletti Designs shop. (The shop name might also be WTF Porcelain?) They make stunning porcelain dinnerware with gold edges (goths don't usually like gold, preferring silver or platinum, but these are still dark and creepy and devastatingly beautiful!)

This shop, located in Oregon, seems to concentrate on skulls and birds, but they also have some insect-themed dishes as well. Let's take a look at a few of their creations:

I'm so disgusted by insects, I personally probably could not eat off these gorgeous insect plates. They are offered in a charger size, dinner plate size, salad plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, and soup plate size.

This limited edition 22k gold plate depicts a cicada. So stunning!

This bug plate is also available in a charger, dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, and soup plate.

The various sized dishes are also available in this winged bug design.

Here's a design of a bug with a really long.. nose? Snout? What do they call a bug's olfactory appendage?

You can see the rest of their insect (and birds, including some fabulous crows) in this part of their store.

Next I'm wandering into the tea items part of the shop, where you'll find this magnificent crowned skull teacup. Some of the selections are too flowery and colorful for my personal tastes, but they are quite beautiful anyhow and will likely appeal to a lot of people.

Here's one of the colorful ones I do like: a pink skull mug. It also comes in blue, green and yellow.

Here's a darling skull sugar and creamer set.

I find myself giggling at this sugar skull teacup. So cute! It also comes in pink-and-gold if you prefer.

Here's a skull teacup in silver. I have to admit the gold ones look more striking.

Let's stop by the skull dishes section of the shop. Here's a marvelous skull charger plate in gold. (See this link on how to use chargers in formal entertaining).

The black trim on this skull plate really helps set off the design.

This skull plate features a silver border.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour through Angioletti Designs!