Monday, September 28, 2015

D.L. Marian's Stunning Life-Sized Edgar Allan Poe Prop

This life-sized Edgar Allan Poe Halloween prop is by an artist I very much admire, D.L. Marian.

I can't get over how very much the prop looks like Edgar Allan Poe! This one-of-a-kind prop is not available for shipping - the buyer must make arrangements to pick it up in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Visit the eBay listing to see more photos of this stunning handmade creation!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Staying Warm in Autumn with Jack Skellington

Here in Seattle, nights are getting chillier. I've enjoyed my first evening fires of the season, turned my furnace back on, and packed away my sundresses. Time to get out warmer clothing for autumn. Wouldn't it be fun to add a piece or two of Nightmare Before Christmas themed clothing to our wardrobes this season?

This Jack Skellington Pervuian pom pom hat is currently selling for less than $6!

This Jack Skellington pullover is sized for juniors.

For really bitter cold, snowy days, here's a Jack Skellington "Ugly Christmas Sweater." I don't think it's ugly, it's cute!

For men, here's a distressed Jack Skellington hoodie.

This is the juniors Jack Skellington hoodie.

Here's my favorite item for autumn: Nightmare Before Christmas Fair Isle cardigan!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Goth Shop of the Week: Monster Candles

I'm having so much fun browsing through the Monster Candles shop! I almost have to sit on my credit card and "forget" my Paypal account password so I don't overspend!

This beeswax vampire bat has red eyes!

I can't recall ever seeing a black mummy candle before!

They also carry beige beeswax mummy candles as well if you prefer.

For the holidays, here's a beeswax Krampus Christmas devil candle.

If his lolling red tongue is too much for you, here's a simpler red Krampus candle.

I'm delighted that this beeswax haunted house candle is purple!

I find regular pumpkin-shaped candles too boring for me - they're not Halloweeny enough. So I'm enchanted by these cute and quirky beeswax Jack o' Lantern candles.

I normally burn up and enjoy using my candles, even if it means they lose their shape. (Towards the end I hide them inside a big hurricane so the candle light is seen but the melty weird shape isn't!) But this black Jack o' Lantern candle I would never light. The cool glitter from his eyes would make a mess, and then this darling candle would be gone forever! I couldn't bear it.

See more wickedly cool beeswax candles in the

Coming Soon - Sad Little Nightmare Before Christmas Mopeez Plushies

New for the holiday season - arriving in late November - NMBC Mopeez Plush toys from Funko! They look all mopey and gloomy, and have freaky pupilless eyes. What a cool gift for your gothiest friends or as a treat for yourself. Small enough to fit in gothic Christmas stockings!

Jack Skellington Mopeez Plush, on Amazon and on eBay

Sally Mopeez Plush on Amazon and on eBay

Vampire Teddy Mopeez Plush on eBay and on Amazon

Nightmare Before Christmas Mopeez Plush Mayor on eBay and on Amazon

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin King Mopeez, on Amazon and on eBay.

Zero Mopeez Plush, on Amazon and on eBay

NMBC Oogie Mopeez Plush, on Amazon and on eBay

Nightmare Mopeez Plush Set of 7, on Amazon and on eBay

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mopeez line comes out around November 30. Wish it had come out in time for Halloween gifting!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crimson Peak Pop Vinyl Figures from Funko

Coming in November - Crimson Peak themed collectible vinyl figures from Funko! I'm so excited! Iust clear off room on a shelf for these!

Sir Thomas Sharpe on Amazon and on eBay.

Edith Cushing Pop Vinyl on Amazon and on eBay

Mother Ghost Pop Vinyl Figure on Amazon and on eBay

This set of all three figures will be available on Amazon by November 30, 2015.


Crimson Peak on IMDB

Crimson Peak Trailer at

Crimson Peak Official Movie Website at Legendary Films

Crimson Peak Facebook Page

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Goth Shop of the Week: Raven Quoth

I'm so impressed by the gorgeous Halloween and autumn pillow covers from Raven Quoth. The shop is based in Minneapolis.

My favorite pillow cover from Raven Quoth: Poison

When you buy a gothic or Halloween themed pillow cover from Raven Quoth, you have the option of buying the polyfill insert to go along with it, for a few extra dollars. This is a great option - most Etsy pillow cover sellers don't offer this, and I don't have a lot of time to run around my town hunting down the right size insert.

Besides the dark and spooky gothic pillows, there are cute and harmless looking vintage Halloween ephemera type pillows, such as this one.

Let's take a peek at some of the other fabulous pillow covers here.. I'll show you a few more of my favorites.

Spider and Web Pillow

Arsenic Skeleton Pillow

Bat Pillow in Ivory

Bats Pillow in Black

Burnished Witches Pillow

Black Cat and Jack O Lantern Pillow

Orange and White Pillow with Raven

Happy shopping!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Gothic and Horror Paper Dolls for Rainy Autumn Sundays

Tim Foley's " Scream Queens" paper doll book comes out on October 16, just in time for Halloween!

This book of horror movie paper dolls features 16 actresses in their iconic costumes from their movies.

Actresses include Elsa Lanchester from "Bride of Frankenstein," Janet Leigh from "Psycho," Sarah Michelle Gellar in her role as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and many more.

"Victorian Vixens" is Ted Menten's new paper doll book that came out this summer. I love it! I can't wait to cut these out and play with them. (You're never too old to play with paper dolls!)

These "alluring yet malevolent" dolls are inspired by "Penny Dreadful." They're shown standing around in graveyards and other spooky backdrops.

His next paper doll book comes out in October, "Tattooed Paper Dolls." There are two male and four female paper dolls in the set.

"Literary Paper Dolls" came out this summer as well. Edgar Allan Poe is the darkest paper doll in the set - the rest include Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and Ernest Hemingway.

Though the fashions are not necessarily dark, I'm tempted by this "Avant Garde Fashion" paper dolls book.

It's also recently published, illustrated by Ted Menten.

While away a rainy Sunday with our without your gothic children or nieces. Make a pot of tea, get out your scissors and happily cut away!