Beautifully Creepy OOAK Little Red Riding Hood Art Dolls

In autumn, my favorite fairy tale is "Little Red Riding Hood." I don't quite traipse through the woods to my grandmother's house, but I do walk the woods often with my dogs. If I were to add a fairytale doll to my collection right now, it would be one of these:

Natasha Morgan's art dolls always have this big saucer-shaped freaky shiny eyes. This is her take on Red Riding Hood.

Here's a paper clay Little Red Riding Hood doll by Villa Oscura in Madrid, Spain.

This Red Riding Hood doll is by Twizted Dolls in Virginia.

This Little Red Riding Hood doll comes with her own tiny poison bottles.

This stunningly beautiful Red Riding Hood BJD doll is part of Anne Marie Gibbons' "Lil' Poe" collection.