Funko's New Rocky Horror Picture Show Reaction Action Figures

Oh... my... god. I almost feel like I really don't need to say anymore, but I'll indulge you in my fabulous tirades that you all seem to enjoy! ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW REACTION FIGURES BY FUNKO!? Literally the ONLY problem I see with this is I DO NOT see Rocky? (correct me if I am wrong). The rest are absolutely amazing and this might not be exclusively "goth", but it is exclusively awesome which is what matters here.

All of the figures are exactly the same size: 5 x 1.5 x 1 inches.

Oh Riff Raff, my favorite handy man, could keep you company near your kitchen. Maybe he would be a better fit sitting above your door like the all seeing eye, warding off incredibly gullible and boring people in this case. That's pretty much exactly what I need. Or maybe he's luring them in, so I can convert them to the dark side... hmm...

Riff Raff can't be alone! He needs his sister companion. Without her, their mission for planet Transsexual, would surely fail! Dinner is served...

The Riff Raff and Magenta need to be together, without a doubt. This is SHOULD be a double feature! I suppose I can condone getting Magenta on her own. She is one attractive alien, a fair representative of her planet I would say. Also, who doesn't like crazy ladies anyway?

Speaking of crazy ladies... my favorite wanna-be crazy lady... I feel like that's mean. My favorite groupie, Columbia! Too bad we couldn't get Columbia and Eddie together. I'll work with what I got. I love this little tap dancing queen. She and Magenta would be a great pair together, it's honestly one of my favorite pairings in the movie.

So Rocky jokes aside, this Brad Funko is hilarious. I really like THIS style Brad they chose. The pelvic thrust really drives Brad insane! Look how completely vulnerable he is?! Unlike his counterpart, he's at least robed... now this slut...

Dammit, Janet... you're down to your skivvies! Don't you want to touch-a, touch-a, touch-a, her? Okay, I'm done. There's only so many of these jokes I can take... She's really easy to pick on. I'm so sorry Susan Sarandon. The Janet and Brad pair are absolutely perfect. If they only made Rocky it would make one fabulous trio! It would make more sense, but they at least made my favorite transsexual!

Who is my sweet transvestite?

This isn't my favorite Frank N. Furter model in the world, but the whole set is what puts everything together! Tim Curry is one hundred percent perfect, so there's only so much you can do. I'll give them some leeway.

Well, I'm going to go create my own little Rocky Horror Set now, just so I can get these guys and set them all up! I need Janet and Brad holding each other awkwardly as Magenta and Riff Raff make them incredibly uncomfortable. Or the dramatic death scene is always great.

Let me know if anyone finds Rocky? Or if you find any other cool Funko Rocky Horror Picture Show items. Or just goth Funko items would be awesome! Either way, keep me posted!

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