Monday, January 25, 2016

Nightmerriment's Beautiful Monster Creations

I was looking for ways to create some form of artistic inspiration and I think I found what I was looking for! These beautiful creations by Nightmerriment on Etsy are spectacular. I found myself speechless! These are all original monsters which even have their own little stories about them. Prepare yourself to be in awe, take a look!

This is Gwydion. He is quite mischievous. He'll manipulate and trick anyone into getting his way, but mostly wants shiny stuff and snacks. Who would blame him, right? He is made with resin, wood, clay, faux fur, etc. Everything is made from raw materials aside from the hanging wood plaque. It measures approximately 5" x 8" x 4".

Bernie is a moldy and disgusting swamp monster. These monsters thrive in the cold, damp darkness of the Pacific Northwest. He is named after Bernie Wrightson the horror illustrator for lots of comics such as Swamp Thing! Bernie is made with all sorts of materials like resin, wood, silicone, etc. You can hang the plaque on the wall. Unfortunately there are no measurements for how big it is.

This winged demon-monkey named Oyiobo is sly and crafty, but he also loves to cuddle if the mood strikes him. He doesn't like to be alone for too long and hates the sunshine. (This sounds like me!) Oyiobo is made with faux fur, resin, paint, wire, etc. He is incredibly malleable, so posing him any way you like is possible! This little guy is oddly adorable.

The Eldrid plaque measures about 10"x10"x4". He's made with materials such as, resin, faux fur, wood, etc. Eldrid is supposed to be a fiery goat demon. I love the deep red colors used to paint this beautiful creature.

This plaque with the Metallic Monkey Demon is about 5" x 7" x 4". It is available in an antique silver and gold. It's made with resin, paint, wood, fur, faux fur, etc. This is a stunning wall piece and would make the heads turn!

This creature's name is ridiculously well thought out, because he looks like a Krumpkin. He is a huge grump! He doesn't say much, but the gears are always turning in this guy. It's another piece made from resin, wood, paints, etc. It measures approximately 5" x 10" x 4" and is ready to hang! I would love to give this to one of my grumpy friends as a representation of their spirit creature. (It probably wouldn't go over so well.)

Finally, I had to add these super adorable Monster Plushies! I think most of the plushies are approximately 10" tall. I love the stories attached to them.

Shadow monsters are little more shy and slow to trust. Once they trust you, they'll never leave your side.

Bark monsters are sweet, lumbering, and docile creatures that love lounging in the sun munching on strawberries.

Toasted Marshmallow monsters tend to be extremely fluffy and love doing math problems. They also love belly scratches.

Crimson monsters are the energetic ones of the bunch. They love to be the center of attention and love games and parties.

I might have to get my own monster...

Look at the rest of Nightmerriment's stuff! They are really awesome and I think you guys would appreciate all he has to offer. More products are made thoughout the year too, so keep an eye out! Let me know down below in the comments which creature you like the best.

Goth Shop of the Week: WonderAnn

I am in love with this Etsy store, WonderAnn which has all kinds of goth art. I really like all of her crochet options, which is what I want to focus on today!

You can buy the crochet pattern and start immediately (which I think is really nice.) Or you can just buy the items already crocheted, which is perfect for craft-lazy people like me!

On the left is the Edgar Allan Poe and His Raven Premade and on the right is The Pattern for Edgar Allan Poe Amigurumi. What a treat to make your own Edgar Allan Poe and Raven to sit with you as you read. You could even lay it on the side of your favorite Poe literature. If you stand him upright he stands almost a foot tall! WonderAnn can customize him a little bit so he can stand up straight or sit, whatever you wish!

Everyone's favorite family in crochet! On the right you can buy The Addams Family Stuffies and on the left you can get the Pattern for The Addams Family Amigurumi. You can have the whole gang decorated throughout the house. Morticia is the tallest and is just under 10 inches which makes the whole family reasonably sized!

The first is Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Stuffies and the second is The Pattern for Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein Amis. One of my favorite stories can come to life with these adorable crocheted figures. Frankenstein stands about 10 inches tall and his cute wife is about 9 inches. These would be so fun to crochet and seems fairly easy!

One of my favorite novelists Bram Stoker Stuffie with Dracula Baby in crochet form and the Pattern for Nosferatu Amigurumi. I feel like I should buy the Poe and Stoker together and put them on my book shelf. Unfortunately there is no pattern for Bram, so I figured a pattern for Nosferatu would work well. He's probably the most adorable vampire I've seen. Bram Stoker stands 12" tall and the finished Nosferatu stands about 8" tall. Take or make the classics at home!

All work and no play makes YOU a dull boy! Aren't The Shining Stuffies incredibly awesome? Even better, you can actually make the whole gang with the Pattern for The Shining Amigurumi. The expressions on these are absolutely hilarious. Wendy's horrified face is pretty much the staple of the whole movie and Jack clearly is up to no good. Jack is the tallest stuffie at about 8" tall and Danny is about 5.5" tall. Place these near your television or your movie collection right next to The Shining!

Another fabulous author: Mary Shelley. On the left is the premade Mary Shelley Stuffie with Frankenstein Baby and on the right is the Pattern for Mary Shelley Ami with Frankenstein Baby. A true representation of how Mary would have felt about her Frankenbaby. Mary stands at 11" tall looking longingly at her child. This can be added to the horror writer collection I am soon going to be establishing!

Check out more of WonderAnn's awesome crocheted figures and other products that I didn't show! Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lovely Gothic and Steampunk Mini Top Hats from La Coco Rouge

I feel like this year is going to be one where I need to be EXCEPTIONALLY glamorous. I feel like a black dress isn't going to cut it anymore. I want something that will make me stand out, so I was looking for hat options. I found these mini hats by LaCocoRouge and this might be the answer!

It's hard to choose which one is my favorite, because they are all so beautiful. I definitely love the coloring of this La Femme Rouge. This hat is made with a red coque and rooster feathers. It is accented by vibrant green peacock hurl. This measures 5.5" from brim to brim and is held securely in place with a milliners elastic that disappears into the hair when worn. It's different than what is displayed in the pictures, but still very secure!

This gorgeous dark mini hat, "The Traveler," would be great for any occasion. There are some awesome purple, grey, and black feathers accenting this hat. There's also a touch of glittery purple ball embellishments tangled in the feathers. I love the ruffles on the brim of the hat. This would be a fun one for all sorts of events!

This is such an elegant mini hat. The Lady Amherst mini hat has some of the most stunning feathers and flowers. Normally, I dislike beige, but for these roses I think it's fitting. The brim measures 5.5 inches and has a very unique design where it looks like a rigid cut out. If I had any lighter clothes I would buy this in a heart beat!

This is bound to turn some heads. The Raven mini hat may only be black, but is filled with so much character. There are gorgeous black roses with wisps of soft chenille and dark rooster feathers. There's a veil attached to give it a mysterious look. Again, this is 5.5 inches brim to brim and is held together with an elastic band. Since it's neutral in color this would be perfect for all of my future gatherings.

You remember the first mini hat, correct? Well this is the steampunk version! The La Femme Steam has the same stunning characteristics as the first instead with gold, beige, and other natural colors. This style is definitely my favorite! I love the fabulous flowers and feathers! I would love to find a way to make this mini hat work with my wardrobe!

Check out more mini hats and other headdresses by LaCocoRouge! Do these fit into your ensemble? Let me know down below!

Beautiful Gothic Plus Size Clothing from Dark Star

It is so close to convention season I can taste it! I realized I don't have much to wear. Well, I don't have anything NEW to wear! I wish I had the motivation to make a beautiful fairy costume or gothic punk rocker outfit, but sadly I don't. These gorgeous pieces by Darkstar open up a bunch of options for me not only for dressing up, but even for daily wear.

The Black Velvet Red Satin Medieval Gothic Lace Corset Top is gorgeous. It is made with 80% rayon and 20% polyester and comes in sizes 1X-3X. It sounds super comfy, perfect for wandering around. In the front there is black lace over what looks to be red satin. I love how the sleeves are also layered over each other!

I feel that this Black Red Cobweb Satin Lace Ruffle Tiered Gothic Bridal Skirt would be a great match for the above top. The full length of the skirt is 38 inches and can fit sizes Small-1X. It is made with black satin and cobweb lace. This would also be a great skirt for a corset top.

Here's a very simple but elegant Black Purple Tie Die Gothic Corset Long Gown with Sleeves. It is made of embroidered rayon, jacquard, and georgette. It will fit a size 1X-2X and will cinch up to 4 inches in the front. I can definitely see myself wearing this on an ordinary day. Honestly, it would be great to lounge around in too, but I'm not here for pajamas!

I am digging this awesome Gothic Punk Medieval Black Buckle Corset Dress. It is made from tulle and cotton and can fit sizes 1X-2X. There are buckles on the sides that can be adjusted to fit however you would like! I can't see how long this dress is, but I think simple black leggings would be perfect to wear with it. It's adjustable and a little edgy, my sort of perfect!

Renaissance never goes out of style in my book! This Black Purple Gothic Velvet Georgette Mesh Renaissance Blouse is made with velvet and georgette mesh big fitting blouse with sequins and beautiful embroidery. The sizes are 2X-4X for this gorgeous top. I love the torn look at the bottom, it gives it a very fairy look.

This Black Red Satin Lace Cascading Gothic Renaissance Skirt fits sizes small-2X. The underskirt is made from red satin with black lace mesh layering over the whole skirt. The full length of the skirt is 40 inches! It love the lace running down on the bottom. This would be a wonderful addition to a medieval costume.

This is another gorgeous Renaissance skirt. The Long Purple Black Velvet Jacquard Satin Gypsy Renaissance Skirt comes in size 2X-5X. They are made with satin and velvet tiers so that it is actually thicker. It's still winter time so I could wear this now without too many layers. The design is fairly basic, which would make going anywhere very easy!

This is definitely my favorite skirt. The Red Brocade Gothic Medieval Punk Chains Long Skirt runs in size Medium-2X. I love the corset style on the top with all the amazing straps. Also, I love the beautiful rose embroidery on the bottom. Not only that, the skirt is fully elasticized! It is edgy, comfortable, and gorgeous.

This glamorous Gothic Renaissance Medieval Black Brocade Roses Corset would pair well with any of the skirts above! It runs in sizes 1X-2X and is 100% cotton. It has adjustable straps and front zip closure and lace up on the back, will allow for yours or my perfect fit.

Look for more of Darkstar's items. They have options for all sizes and will make shopping for convention gear so much easier! Or, if you're like me, you'll wear them out any time! Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

Lost Apostle's Gothic Jewelry

These wonderful pieces of jewelry just make my day. The workmanship on them is really amazing, I envy those steady hands! The pendants and jewelry by Lost Apostle are handmade bronze jewelry for her and him. Apparently they have also been featured in Gothic Beauty Magazine! This is another store that has a lot of options, so look at some of my favorites.

This is a Steampunk Skull Pendant on 24" Gunmetal Chain. I just like the design with the rose in the skull's teeth like a tango dancer. I think this is a really diverse pendant and many people can get away with wearing it, especially us goths!

I have to say I love the Crow Claw Ring. I've never seen a ring quite like it. It was cast from a real crow claw. This stunning ring not only looks completely badass, but is supposed to be comfortable to wear.

I find this Silver Black Heart Anatomical Heart Necklace incredibly fascinating. You see so many skulls that, even sometimes I forget, other parts of the body are beautiful too. The pendant is also almost totally anatomically correct!

Now these Anatomical Heart Earrings would be a perfect pair for the necklace above. They are actually quite an elegant pair of earrings. I feel like they would be perfect for even people who are in the medical industry. It's a little quirky, but fitting!

I find that this Hummingbird Skull & Angel Wing Antique Silver Pendant is absolutely stunning. The skull and wing are almost meant to be together. This little charm would make for a great gift for you or someone else. It's honestly really hard for me to resist.

I couldn't stop myself from mentioning this Key Necklace Bronze Key Pendant on Leather. It just reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I also think Victorian styled keys are incredibly gorgeous. It would be really cool to have this along with other pendants on one big necklace.

Another badass pendant, the Alien Skull Pendant in Antique Silver. I like their take on what an alien skull may look like. The eye sockets are wide with one large nasal passage. This is such a unique piece, I love it!

This is the last item I will show: Anatomical Heart and Syringe Necklace Bronze Pendant on 24" Gunmetal Chain. I'm just amazed at the fine detail. I think this combination of heart and syringe is a fantastic choice. A beautifully detailed Anatomical Heart and a Syringe straight from the medicine bag of a Dickensian doctor, both completely hand carved and cast in the finest bronze.

There are so many options at this Etsy store, Lost Apostle. Take a look and tell me about your favorite pendants in the comments below!