Cute and Cool Gothic and Victorian Tights from Violet Fane

I desperately needed to show everybody these tights made by Violet Fane Shop. There's a pair for all kinds of dark souls out there! The sizes are small to medium which is 98cm length and large to extra large which is 108cm length. They are incredibly elastic, so I think the sizes only matter for length. Check this out!

We all love Alice in Wonderland! These Gothic Alice ~ Madame Chocolat Tights show many scenes in Lewis Carroll's classic. The design is so awesome! There's the infamous key and even the bottle Alice needs to take to become smaller. There are cards, skeletons, clocks, all very cool. Super cute!

These tights are incredibly unique. The Asylum Tights are decorated with all sorts of syringes and stitching. I don't think I could pull off wearing these personally, but I know a few of my friends who would love these! I do have a psychiatrist friend who would enjoy these, a tad too much. There will be a matching dress and skirt for this series available soon as well!

I laughed when I saw these Bloody Gallery Tights. Not in a bad way, but more maniacal and I need these in my life, kind of way. The tights show all sorts of bloody bastards throughout history like Bloody Mary and Vlad the Impaler. I believe the skull portrayed in Hamlet is there as well? These tights are brilliantly designed and incredibly awesome!

Oh my god, these Night Requiem Tights are perfect! The cemetery theme gives it such an eerie and beautiful look! The Victorian fence is one of my favorite features. I love shadowy statues and tombstones in the background and the starry sky. Since they are black and white I could honestly wear them with everything.

These might be incredibly simple, but the Lady Victoria Tights can be worn with anything. It was inspired by a very steampunk woman. I really like the stripes with the watch hanging on the side. I love how the tights look like Victorian thigh highs.

And here's yet another pair of Victorian Alice Tights. These are a little different than the first ones. They still show the classic book art, such as the old style Cheshire cat and the pocket watch. My favorite part of these tights is that each scene is displayed on a playing card!

These are all so amazing, it's hard to choose! Keep an eye out for new designs by Violet Fane Shop. Tell me what you think of their tights below in the comments section!