Goth Shop of the Week: WonderAnn

I am in love with this Etsy store, WonderAnn which has all kinds of goth art. I really like all of her crochet options, which is what I want to focus on today!

You can buy the crochet pattern and start immediately (which I think is really nice.) Or you can just buy the items already crocheted, which is perfect for craft-lazy people like me!

On the left is the Edgar Allan Poe and His Raven Premade and on the right is The Pattern for Edgar Allan Poe Amigurumi. What a treat to make your own Edgar Allan Poe and Raven to sit with you as you read. You could even lay it on the side of your favorite Poe literature. If you stand him upright he stands almost a foot tall! WonderAnn can customize him a little bit so he can stand up straight or sit, whatever you wish!

Everyone's favorite family in crochet! On the right you can buy The Addams Family Stuffies and on the left you can get the Pattern for The Addams Family Amigurumi. You can have the whole gang decorated throughout the house. Morticia is the tallest and is just under 10 inches which makes the whole family reasonably sized!

The first is Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Stuffies and the second is The Pattern for Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein Amis. One of my favorite stories can come to life with these adorable crocheted figures. Frankenstein stands about 10 inches tall and his cute wife is about 9 inches. These would be so fun to crochet and seems fairly easy!

One of my favorite novelists Bram Stoker Stuffie with Dracula Baby in crochet form and the Pattern for Nosferatu Amigurumi. I feel like I should buy the Poe and Stoker together and put them on my book shelf. Unfortunately there is no pattern for Bram, so I figured a pattern for Nosferatu would work well. He's probably the most adorable vampire I've seen. Bram Stoker stands 12" tall and the finished Nosferatu stands about 8" tall. Take or make the classics at home!

All work and no play makes YOU a dull boy! Aren't The Shining Stuffies incredibly awesome? Even better, you can actually make the whole gang with the Pattern for The Shining Amigurumi. The expressions on these are absolutely hilarious. Wendy's horrified face is pretty much the staple of the whole movie and Jack clearly is up to no good. Jack is the tallest stuffie at about 8" tall and Danny is about 5.5" tall. Place these near your television or your movie collection right next to The Shining!

Another fabulous author: Mary Shelley. On the left is the premade Mary Shelley Stuffie with Frankenstein Baby and on the right is the Pattern for Mary Shelley Ami with Frankenstein Baby. A true representation of how Mary would have felt about her Frankenbaby. Mary stands at 11" tall looking longingly at her child. This can be added to the horror writer collection I am soon going to be establishing!

Check out more of WonderAnn's awesome crocheted figures and other products that I didn't show! Tell me what you think!