HeartFeltDesigns' Intriguing Anatomical Needle Felt Creations

Well, this isn't something I thought I would see today. I'm not complaining - these are seriously some of the most obscure and awesome things I've ever seen! Honestly, I would just check out HeartFeltSelfMade and all of her products. These felted anatomy pieces are just... well, see for yourself.

Maybe Felted Female Anatomy is your thing. Or you're a medical student... Possibly Hannibal in the making. In all seriousness, this had to have taken forever to make. It's actually disturbingly accurate and from the pictures I wouldn't have been able to guess that it's felt. At all. It is also life size! Hurray!

Not all of her products are strictly needle felted organs. The Female Anatomy with Flowers is actually kind of intriguing and packed full of fun colors! The Welded Dress is actually starting to grow on me. Well, there's really no organs in that one at all.

You know, I really like how these can be very customized. I'm sure a very creative medical student would benefit from them. I might be able to pull it off as a gift for some of my doctor friends. Maybe I'm coming on too strong...

I feel as though I'm watching her grow in her craft as more of these are delicately designed. For instance, this Floral Arrangement Organs is pretty awesome.

I think that in HeartFeltSelfMade's work she does a nice job expressing the beauty of the human body. Not just the outside, but the inside too! Clearly she has a passion and I'm going to give her kudos for that! Let me know what you guys think! I originally had mixed feelings, but these are definitely unique and interesting.