Lost Apostle's Gothic Jewelry

These wonderful pieces of jewelry just make my day. The workmanship on them is really amazing, I envy those steady hands! The pendants and jewelry by Lost Apostle are handmade bronze jewelry for her and him. Apparently they have also been featured in Gothic Beauty Magazine! This is another store that has a lot of options, so look at some of my favorites.

This is a Steampunk Skull Pendant on 24" Gunmetal Chain. I just like the design with the rose in the skull's teeth like a tango dancer. I think this is a really diverse pendant and many people can get away with wearing it, especially us goths!

I have to say I love the Crow Claw Ring. I've never seen a ring quite like it. It was cast from a real crow claw. This stunning ring not only looks completely badass, but is supposed to be comfortable to wear.

I find this Silver Black Heart Anatomical Heart Necklace incredibly fascinating. You see so many skulls that, even sometimes I forget, other parts of the body are beautiful too. The pendant is also almost totally anatomically correct!

Now these Anatomical Heart Earrings would be a perfect pair for the necklace above. They are actually quite an elegant pair of earrings. I feel like they would be perfect for even people who are in the medical industry. It's a little quirky, but fitting!

I find that this Hummingbird Skull & Angel Wing Antique Silver Pendant is absolutely stunning. The skull and wing are almost meant to be together. This little charm would make for a great gift for you or someone else. It's honestly really hard for me to resist.

I couldn't stop myself from mentioning this Key Necklace Bronze Key Pendant on Leather. It just reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I also think Victorian styled keys are incredibly gorgeous. It would be really cool to have this along with other pendants on one big necklace.

Another badass pendant, the Alien Skull Pendant in Antique Silver. I like their take on what an alien skull may look like. The eye sockets are wide with one large nasal passage. This is such a unique piece, I love it!

This is the last item I will show: Anatomical Heart and Syringe Necklace Bronze Pendant on 24" Gunmetal Chain. I'm just amazed at the fine detail. I think this combination of heart and syringe is a fantastic choice. A beautifully detailed Anatomical Heart and a Syringe straight from the medicine bag of a Dickensian doctor, both completely hand carved and cast in the finest bronze.

There are so many options at this Etsy store, Lost Apostle. Take a look and tell me about your favorite pendants in the comments below!