Nightmerriment's Beautiful Monster Creations

I was looking for ways to create some form of artistic inspiration and I think I found what I was looking for! These beautiful creations by Nightmerriment on Etsy are spectacular. I found myself speechless! These are all original monsters which even have their own little stories about them. Prepare yourself to be in awe, take a look!

This is Gwydion. He is quite mischievous. He'll manipulate and trick anyone into getting his way, but mostly wants shiny stuff and snacks. Who would blame him, right? He is made with resin, wood, clay, faux fur, etc. Everything is made from raw materials aside from the hanging wood plaque. It measures approximately 5" x 8" x 4".

Bernie is a moldy and disgusting swamp monster. These monsters thrive in the cold, damp darkness of the Pacific Northwest. He is named after Bernie Wrightson the horror illustrator for lots of comics such as Swamp Thing! Bernie is made with all sorts of materials like resin, wood, silicone, etc. You can hang the plaque on the wall. Unfortunately there are no measurements for how big it is.

This winged demon-monkey named Oyiobo is sly and crafty, but he also loves to cuddle if the mood strikes him. He doesn't like to be alone for too long and hates the sunshine. (This sounds like me!) Oyiobo is made with faux fur, resin, paint, wire, etc. He is incredibly malleable, so posing him any way you like is possible! This little guy is oddly adorable.

The Eldrid plaque measures about 10"x10"x4". He's made with materials such as, resin, faux fur, wood, etc. Eldrid is supposed to be a fiery goat demon. I love the deep red colors used to paint this beautiful creature.

This plaque with the Metallic Monkey Demon is about 5" x 7" x 4". It is available in an antique silver and gold. It's made with resin, paint, wood, fur, faux fur, etc. This is a stunning wall piece and would make the heads turn!

This creature's name is ridiculously well thought out, because he looks like a Krumpkin. He is a huge grump! He doesn't say much, but the gears are always turning in this guy. It's another piece made from resin, wood, paints, etc. It measures approximately 5" x 10" x 4" and is ready to hang! I would love to give this to one of my grumpy friends as a representation of their spirit creature. (It probably wouldn't go over so well.)

Finally, I had to add these super adorable Monster Plushies! I think most of the plushies are approximately 10" tall. I love the stories attached to them.

Shadow monsters are little more shy and slow to trust. Once they trust you, they'll never leave your side.

Bark monsters are sweet, lumbering, and docile creatures that love lounging in the sun munching on strawberries.

Toasted Marshmallow monsters tend to be extremely fluffy and love doing math problems. They also love belly scratches.

Crimson monsters are the energetic ones of the bunch. They love to be the center of attention and love games and parties.

I might have to get my own monster...

Look at the rest of Nightmerriment's stuff! They are really awesome and I think you guys would appreciate all he has to offer. More products are made thoughout the year too, so keep an eye out! Let me know down below in the comments which creature you like the best.