The Beautiful Gothic Art of Julie Filipenko

Let's get a little artsy today! When I saw these my jaw just dropped. These prints by Julie Filipenko are absolutely stunning. She is from Tel Aviv in Israel and uses all kinds of mediums in her artwork. I'm very excited to show you a few that I enjoy the most!

This print is of one of my favorite ladies, Alice. It measures 16" x 11" including border for framing. It is printed on high quality paper to give it a nice shine. The image shows little Alice holding a stack of teacups with a sleepy mouse inside. She is surrounded by white flowers which seem to have red marbled dew on them. It's a really lovely piece and very unique. I really like the various items Alice is carrying in her pocket, such as the vial!

I'm thoroughly enjoying the depth of this piece, Cat Girls Don't Cry. This is apparently a limited edition print! I might have to jump on that if I don't have another opportunity. This particular print measures about 16" x 11" and is printed on high quality paper. I really admire the penmanship that was put into this print. It comes across as complicated, but it has very simple features. The pink cheeks are a cute touch.

The Chocolate Soul Soul is one of my favorites! It also measures 16" x 11" and has a nice quality paper that it is printed on. I love the colors used in this print. The background is really awesome. I also like the design of the girl holding the rabbit while wearing cuffs and the choker.

"We're All Freaks Here" is another fun print made by Julie Filipenko. This one is a little smaller, measuring 11.8" x 8.4" including border for framing. I love the costume she is wearing! It has a very cute burlesque feel. She also has really interesting markings on her body. The title speaks very true of my house, we are all definitely freaks here!

This is such an amazing interpretation of Coraline. This is a 11.8" x 8.4" print, including the border. It's a spooky yet darling depiction of Coraline herself! I haven't run into a lot of these so I am actually quite excited about it. I love how it seems like the eyes in her bows are just switched out (it's entirely possible, too.) I really like the gentle but eerie background on this print.

Oh if only our insides were as lovely as they are in this print: Velvet Bones It is about 16" x 11" and printed on high quality paper. All of the elements on this print are so great! The raven, her Victorian styled hat, the choice of flowers. It's all really quite perfect.

You guys must look at the rest of her art! Julie Filipenko has such an interesting style and a stroke of darkness. Tell me what you think below!