Monday, February 29, 2016

Goth Shop of the Week: Les Relicoeurs

The depth of human imagination never ceases to amaze me. I really love it when I stumble upon something I've never seen before, especially little eerie creations. I've never seen anything like what LesRelicoeurs on Etsy has created. Sure, there are plenty of needle felt artists out there, but these are definitely one of a kind.

This beautiful Needle Felted Beetle is made with Shetland felt and other antique objects. It looks like an ancient artifact itself or even from some folklore. I love the copper strong that enhances the whole piece.

This Felted Anatomic Heart is absolutely unique. This is a gorgeous and dark interpretation of our biological hearts. Even though the glass dome is not included with it, I really enjoy the example shown with the lights. It would be a cool idea to even use lights to mimic our nervous system around the heart.

Do you like the Snow White fairy tale? This Felted White Apple reminds me of a version of the poison apple the evil queen makes. This delightful piece of art tells the whole story, it's one of my favorite objects of LesRelicoeurs.

This is an incredibly elegant Anatomy Heart Under a Glass Dome. There looks to be floral embroidery and beads that embellish the surroundings. Couldn't you imagine this as a center piece for your dining room table? I would love to do that.

This very sinister looking Needle-Felted Wool Heart with a Human Face would also be a great room centerpiece. It's bound to turn heads! It measures 3.9" high/ 10 cm and 1.9" / 5.5 cm in diameter.

For those biology lovers out there, this French Reliquary: Handmade Felted Wool Heart Under a Glass Dome would be perfect for you. The bead embellishments and colored string bring this needle felted heart to life. Les Relicoeurs portrayal of the heart anatomy is really stunning.

Take a look at more of LesRelicoeurs's oddities on Etsy. I'm sure there is something for you! What do you think of Les Relicoeurs's shop? Let me know down below in our comments section!

Throne Style Pet Beds for Pampered Gothic Cats and Dogs

There's never an end to how stupidly spoiled our fuzzy children can be. It's pretty clear that I am a puppet and my cats are the puppet masters. Those cunning creatures always seem to get their way don't they? I always have a hard time finding a compromise, for instance, finding a cat tree that's not an ugly beige color. Take a look at these vampire like kitty beds that would be perfect for dark homes like mine.

This coffin like Flame Luxury Cat Bed would best match my house. Not only would this work for cats, but also smaller dogs. I don't even think I have furniture this nice for myself. Of course, my cat would get a better bed than me first.

This Royal Cat Boutique Pet Bed bed is exactly like the previous, it is just gold instead of red. Might as well shower them with gold, though I prefer red!

Having more than one cat means needing more beds to share. This dark and glamorous Luxury Cat Condo is clearly the perfect choice for your feline friends. Originally I thought the post was lined with studs, but it's actually durable sisal carpet. The fact it looks like studs makes this kitty condo more bad ass. I know my children like to pretend they're hardcore, I might as well indulge their fantasies.

What better way to inflate someone's ego than to offer them the dark throne? This Royal Cat Boutique Imperial Akoff Throne Luxury Cat Bed is exactly what every feline needs. I can already see one of my cats leering down at me on this thing.

I don't think I could get away with having this in my house. I know someone here would want to get this Luxury Cat Bed in Hot Pink. I think the Queen or King of the household is most deserving of this very colorful, coffin like bed.

Don't you think your furry children deserve some luxury furniture? Don't forget to comment down below! I would love to know what your favorite is!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Beautifully Ghastly Gothic Jewelry from Blue Bayer Design

Personally, when I shop for jewelry I like something that is incredibly unique. I also have a thing for variety, so you won't see the same kind of pieces in my house! When I saw how gorgeous and diverse this jewelry from Blue Bayer Design was, I knew I had to get something and share my find with all of you.

I'm going to admit that I love this piece of jewelry and I think it is amazingly creepy. This Human Evil-Eye Ring in Blue looks so realistic! It's amazing that they are able to blow glass to look exactly like an eye would. The piece as a whole is almost disturbing, but that's why I like it. They made something that is normally a very good talisman and added a nice terrifying element to it!

This is a bad ass ring, the Diamond Steampunk Industrial Ring. It's elegant, it's rustic, it's perfect. If we lived in a steampunk world I can imagine using this as ordinary jewelry or even a type of wedding ring.

This Big Flying Fox Bat Necklace is beautifully crafted and would be a great addition to any outfit. This comes in two colors: Blackened silver and sterling silver. If I saw an actual flying fox bat in the wild I don't know how I would react. In all honesty, it would probably scare me as they measure up to 4 ft 11 in in wing span. Talk about a big hug... They do have some cute aspects, but I think I would rather wear a necklace resembling the largest bat in the world.

I know quite a few women who would swoon when given this Skeleton Hands Making A I Heart You. This is an entirely unique design by Blue Bayer Design NYC so you would be the only one at the party with this piece! It's also a great way to express your adoration for someone. There are not a lot of fitting "I love you" designs for us dark ones, which is why I thoroughly enjoy this necklace.

I'm loving this Victorian Scissors Necklace. Of course, the main and best feature is the fact that these do close and open like real scissors! They're not sharp enough to cut hair, but they definitely have a little bit of an edge. The scissors measure 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. It comes on a 24 inch silver link chain with lobster claw clasp. The design was researched quite thoroughly as they definitely reflect what Victorian scissors looked like back then.

The The Skull Spider Pendant really caught my eye. There is a lot of detail that went into this pendant. I also forgot about the mythos behind Athena and Arachne. The pendant almost symbolizes the story perfectly as Athena beats Arachne to death out of rage because Arachne could weave better than she. Out of guilt Athena turns Arachne into a spider so she could weave as long as she wanted.

There are so many pendants, jewelry, and other dark accessories by Blue Bayer Design. I say this often, but it was definitely hard to determine which ones I would like to feature. Take a look and let me know what you think down below in the comments!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dark and Macabre Seeds for Gothic Spring Flower Gardens

It's time to think about starting our seeds indoors for this year's goth gardens!

Here are some of my favorite dark and dreary seeds I'm thinking of starting. Keep in mind that there are no true black or true blue flowers - those are usually actually a dark purple. I like to use a lot of red, crimson and scarlet flowers in my gothic garden. Sometimes I'll border them in white, to suggest innocence about to be lost!

All of these seeds are available via Etsy shops:

Amaranthus "Love Lies Bleeding" Seeds

Night and Day Snapdragon Flower Seeds

Coleus Black Dragon Flower Seeds

Black Dahlia Seeds

Aquilegia Black Barlow Seeds

Black Knight Pincushion Scabiosa Seeds

Black Prince Snapdragon Seeds

Crimson Rambler Morning Glory Seeds

Chocolate Stained Glass Salpiglossis Seeds

King of Blacks Carnation Seeds

Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia Seeds

Black Knight Delphinium Seeds

Pansy Clear Crystals Black Flower Seeds

Sedum Dragons Blood Seeds

Cornflower Double Ball Black Flower Seeds

Black Hollyhock Flower Seeds

Peony Poppy Black Flower Seeds

Lupine My Castle Flower Seeds

Black and White Velvet Lace Carnation Flower Seeds

Penny Black Nemophila Flower Seeds

Midnight Blue Lobelia Flower Seeds


While we're here, let's enjoy looking at some dreary fruit and vegetable seed offerings!

Bush Bean Royal Burgundy Seeds

Black Raspberry Bush Seeds

Purple Romagna Artichoke Seeds

Red Salad Bowl Lettuce Seeds

Chokecherry Tree Seeds

Black Spanish Radish Heirloom Seeds

Wild Basil Beefsteak Herb Seeds

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy National (Gothic) Umbrella Day!

Today is National Umbrella Day! Celebrate keeping the wind, rain, and sun off our lovely pale skin by updating your umbrella collection. Take old umbrellas out of your closet, inspect them for wear and tear, and take one out on the town with you tonight as you go about your evening adventures. There are plenty of beautiful Gothic Umbrellas on Amazon and on Etsy!

This is a gorgeous Remedios Boutique Ruffled Wedding Bridal Parasol. I would almost feel guilty going outside and ruining it. This is best suited for sunny days.

The shape of this TopTie Pagoda Umbrella is so unique. I might feel more comfortable using this one in the rain as it is made of cloth canopy.

Oh my! Now this Heart Princess Lace Twice Folding Umbrella Ultraviolet-Proof Umbrella is multi-functional and gorgeous. If you're like me, you need all of this!

Well, something a little less functional is this Lace Wedding Parasol Umbrella. This one is not waterproof, nor will it block a lot of light. It is very beautiful though. Maybe in nicer climates this might be perfect for mixed sunny/cloudy days in spring.

There seems to be a surplus of glamorous gothic umbrellas! This Black Lace Ruffle Umbrella would definitely need to only be used on dry days. It's made with faux silk and lace. It's pretty isn't it?

This Black & White Bella Umbrella reminds me of American Horror Story Freakshow. This is one of many colors made by Bella Umbrella on Etsy. It also is one of the only gothic umbrellas I have found that is actually waterproof. Clearly going outside is not a priority for us! I know my house is my greatest umbrella.

The Black & White Damask and Purple & Black Damask are both waterproof umbrellas! They almost look like they come out of a Edward Gorey illustration. I really love that design of umbrella, the shape is very cool!

This Beetlejuice-esque umbrella would be fun to take on the beach! I love the giant spiral that this Black Ruffle Spiral Pagoda has.

Check out other Gothic Umbrellas on Amazon and on Etsy! Let me know what you think of these in the comments down below.