Alice in Wonderland Vinyl Toys from Funko Pop!

I'm so excited for all the new Funko Pop! Figures they are coming out with! These Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Funko Pop! Toys on Amazon are pretty adorable! I never thought I would think that the Mad Hatter would actually be cute.

See? The Disney Funko! Alice in Wonderland Action Figure - Mad Hatter is ridiculously cute. I can't get over his eyebrows and his colorful bow tie. I think he would be great all by himself! The Mad Hatter is one of my favorite Alice in Wonderland characters.

This Alice in Wonderland Alice Pop! Vinyl Figure would be a great pairing with the Mad Hatter Funko. In fact, it wouldn't be Wonderland without Alice! She's kind of a necessity! Plus, I wouldn't be able to tell it was Alice by herself without someone pairing with her!

In the movie, I thought the Queen of Hearts design was the best over the animated movie. The Alice in Wonderland - Queen of Hearts Action Figure makes her look so precious! I love her makeup and cute little scepter.

You can't have Alice in Wonderland without the favorite Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Pop! Vinyl Figure. I can appreciate that Funko has been able to capture little details of each character they make. For instance, with the Cheshire Cat put the blue stripes and tiny little teeth on him.

Or you could have all four Alice in Wonderland Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures.

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