Beautifully Ghastly Gothic Jewelry from Blue Bayer Design

Personally, when I shop for jewelry I like something that is incredibly unique. I also have a thing for variety, so you won't see the same kind of pieces in my house! When I saw how gorgeous and diverse this jewelry from Blue Bayer Design was, I knew I had to get something and share my find with all of you.

I'm going to admit that I love this piece of jewelry and I think it is amazingly creepy. This Human Evil-Eye Ring in Blue looks so realistic! It's amazing that they are able to blow glass to look exactly like an eye would. The piece as a whole is almost disturbing, but that's why I like it. They made something that is normally a very good talisman and added a nice terrifying element to it!

This is a bad ass ring, the Diamond Steampunk Industrial Ring. It's elegant, it's rustic, it's perfect. If we lived in a steampunk world I can imagine using this as ordinary jewelry or even a type of wedding ring.

This Big Flying Fox Bat Necklace is beautifully crafted and would be a great addition to any outfit. This comes in two colors: Blackened silver and sterling silver. If I saw an actual flying fox bat in the wild I don't know how I would react. In all honesty, it would probably scare me as they measure up to 4 ft 11 in in wing span. Talk about a big hug... They do have some cute aspects, but I think I would rather wear a necklace resembling the largest bat in the world.

I know quite a few women who would swoon when given this Skeleton Hands Making A I Heart You. This is an entirely unique design by Blue Bayer Design NYC so you would be the only one at the party with this piece! It's also a great way to express your adoration for someone. There are not a lot of fitting "I love you" designs for us dark ones, which is why I thoroughly enjoy this necklace.

I'm loving this Victorian Scissors Necklace. Of course, the main and best feature is the fact that these do close and open like real scissors! They're not sharp enough to cut hair, but they definitely have a little bit of an edge. The scissors measure 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. It comes on a 24 inch silver link chain with lobster claw clasp. The design was researched quite thoroughly as they definitely reflect what Victorian scissors looked like back then.

The The Skull Spider Pendant really caught my eye. There is a lot of detail that went into this pendant. I also forgot about the mythos behind Athena and Arachne. The pendant almost symbolizes the story perfectly as Athena beats Arachne to death out of rage because Arachne could weave better than she. Out of guilt Athena turns Arachne into a spider so she could weave as long as she wanted.

There are so many pendants, jewelry, and other dark accessories by Blue Bayer Design. I say this often, but it was definitely hard to determine which ones I would like to feature. Take a look and let me know what you think down below in the comments!